Which packing supplies can be recycled

Moving house is a complicated business. What stresses us the most is the packing process and all the materials we have to deal with. But did you know that most of the packing supplies can be recycled? Yes, some of them can be reused and almost all packing supplies can be recycled and turned into something good. So, after you cover your relocation with Domestic Movers Japan you’ll end up with a bunch of moving supplies. Let us help you get rid of them in the right way. Or turn them into something useful.

Packing supplies can be recycled and cardboard boxes are the number one!

We will begin our journey with the most popular and most useful of all materials out there. Yes, you guessed it right. A cardboard box. Carton boxes are present in each and every household, establishment, and your overseas moving companies are using them as well. This means we had to find a way to recycle them. Of course, once we did, cardboard boxes became the most popular way to pack and ship goods around the globe. The best perk about them is the fact that they can be recycled multiple times, if not indefinitely. But do not mistake recycling with reusing. We are talking about dissolving the old cardboard and printing out a new one.

packing supplies can be recycled and cardboard boxes are among them
Recycle your cardboard boxes. They will be useful to someone else for sure.

Therefore, it is important to send over all your boxes instead of throwing them away. To keep the engine rolling and to put them back on into circulation. When using moving service Japan to relocate, all your belongings will be packed in cardboard boxes and you will have a lot of leftovers after you are done. Simply break them apart, stack them on top of each other, and drop them off at the nearest recycling center.

Bubble wrap and stretch foil

Blister packs, widely known as “bubble wrap” as well as stretch foil, plastic wrap, and a tarp, all fall into the plastic category. You should treat them as you should treat plastic bottles and recycle them as such. To be honest, there are not so many plastic leftovers when conducting regular domestic and local relocations. But for overseas and international moves where you must use cargo export Japan and more stable packing materials, you will end up with a lot of those. But it depends on what kind of agreement you have with your company regarding the packing and shipping process.

a person cutting bubble wrap
The blister pack is an amazing piece of material. Be sure to recycle it properly.

Maybe you’ll never see a single packing material or you’ll have to handle everything yourself. If the second option is yours, then you should gather all plastic materials and discard them in designated containers. Or again, drop everything at the nearest recycling facility and they will sort it out. Plastic is highly toxic and it can stay on the field for hundreds of years. So be sure to discard it properly.

Miscellaneous packing materials

As for all other support materials, you can put them in one box and send them over to the recycling facility. Most of them can’t be recycled but that is up to the workers out there to decide. Or you can be a nice guy and sort it all out for them. Here is the list of items that can be recycled:

  • Gummed, paper, and plastic tape.
  • Poly and paper materials.
  • Pads and dividers.
  • Styrofoam and packing peanuts.
  • Crinkle paper and packing paper.

Simply crumple everything in a box or a bag and hand it over to the pickup crew. To be honest, you have done enough. Most people would throw these small materials in the garbage not thinking about recycling them even though they contribute a lot to the whole recycling system. Good job!

Packing supplies can be recycled but reused as well

Yes, almost all the packing supplies can be recycled but some of them can be reused. You can disassemble your moving boxes for example and keep them in your garage for the next move. Or use them for gardening or to cultivate your hobbies. Your kids can create science projects, toys, ornaments, play games, paint on it, etc. Or you can use it as an improvised thrash bin for your garage or a storage unit. Maybe some of your friends need boxes for various things or to relocate as well. Or you can sell your spare boxes online and earn a buck or two in the process.

Wrapped gift with a tag on it
You can reuse your boxes for various things. Keep those that are in good shape.

As for the other materials, you can reuse plastic bins, corner pads, customized boxes, Styrofoam, and packing peanuts. Although do not hold onto Styrofoam and peanuts for too long because they can be toxic if stored in the wrong environment.

How to do it right?

Packing supplies can be recycled rather easily. Go online and search for the nearest local recycling facility. You will most likely find one within a couple of miles from your home. The location does not matter, to be honest as long as you find a company that provides a pickup service. They will simply pick up everything you have when you schedule a date and time of a pickup. Therefore, don’t be lazy and throw your materials away when you can dedicate 10 minutes and recycle. A dedicated team will stop by and take all the materials you want to recycle off your hands. It can’t be easier.

Think about the environment

In the end, if you decide on throwing your materials away, at least use the designated garbage cans. You can find labeled cans for plastic, cardboard, glass, and metal all over the place. Any municipal area should have them so please make sure your materials end up there and not somewhere on the field. This way you won’t hurt the environment or anyone else.

Now you know which packing supplies can be recycled. Also, you know which ones can be reused straight away. Whatever you decide to do with yours, just make sure to discard or store them away properly. The worst-case scenario is to throw them away somewhere in the lake or out there on the field. We must keep our environment clean and healthy and by recycling your materials, you will do your part. Good luck and stay safe.

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