When is the right time to change your warehouse?

There are hundreds of thousands of warehouses operating daily all over the world. And warehouse owners are changing their units at a steady pace as their businesses grow. It is a natural order of things. Small businesses will grow and move into a bigger warehouse and become a larger one and leave the previous unit to another smaller business and so on. But the question is, when is the right time to change your warehouse? Let us help you and provide the answer to this question.

If this is the right time to change your warehouse, let us show you how to do it

Usually, business owners decide on moving when the time is favorable. Whether it is another business opportunity, an expansion, or simply a better warehouse. Whatever your reason is, you must be sure that it is safe to relocate your warehouse at this moment. Therefore, check the following criteria before making a moving plan:

  • Current state on the market
  • Moving price
  • New warehouse offers
  • Business impact
  • Budget
a guy driving a forklift
Check out all the pros and cons of changing a warehouse before you make a final decision.

It would be best if you create a checklist with all the requirements and if you finally decide that this is the right moment to do it, call your domestic movers and let them help you complete this task. They will assist you and relocate you within a day or two. Depending on the nature of your items, quantity, and the distance between the two locations.

Bring yourself closer to the business and the supplier

Larger businesses operate locally and all over the state. Some even all over the world. But smaller companies tend to bring themselves closer to the supplier to speed up the delivery process and to improve the whole business network. If you started a new business but your warehouse is far off the charts, you should move closer to your other associates and join the cluster. Therefore, this would be the right time to change your warehouse and you can do it easily. Simply contact your Kokusai Express Japan moving company and they will relocate all your belongings and assets within a day. Give them a call and create a moving plan together.

It is the right time to change your warehouse if you are improving your business and changing your business model

The most common reason for changing your warehouse Japan is the change of your business model. If the time has come to improve, buy additional equipment, utilize more space, expand, or simply relocate to a better place, then this is the right moment. Sadly, your current warehouse can’t accommodate you anymore and you are forced to do it. But if there is a solution to keep your current one and simply switch to a better and bigger one within the facility, then you should go for it. But if the location is the problem, then you must move on.

this is the right time to change your warehouse
You will surely get much more space for your merchandise and equipment.

Cut the costs and reduce stress

Another reason why this might be the right time to change your warehouse is that this might be the opportunity to cut some costs. Not only for a while but a long-term solution that will benefit you, your employees, and your business for years to come. So, there can be multiple reasons why you change your warehouse and as we mentioned before, it can be a larger warehouse, faster delivery, larger supply network, closer sea freight forwarders, and much more.

But again, before you make this decision, you must crunch your numbers properly. Ensure your moving budget is in place and you can support this kind of change without too much investment. Or should we say, without any greater impact or any hold to your business?

The right time to change your warehouse is entirely up to you and to the current state of the market. Obviously, you do not want to make such a move if the market is unstable. Hopefully, we provided enough info for you to make a plan and think of the best way on how to do this right. Good luck and stay safe.


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