When is the best time to move a business

Moving is a strenuous process. Whatever type of moving is in question a lot of patience and work is waiting for you. However, moving business is one step further in the scale of complexity. Thanks to your job your family is secure. No wonder you must devote yourself completely to the organization of moving your business. Not only will you have to move perfectly but you also can’t let your job feel the consequences of the relocation. Thus, professional moving companies can be of enormous help. Besides many things you have to deal with while planning the move, give special attention to finding the best time to move a business.

Don’t start anything without a good plan

As you already know, whatever type of business you’re running, the plan is a crucial part of everything. Firstly, if you have made a decision to move business consider the reasons for this undertaking. You may be moving because of the expansion of the company. Also, you might want to change the office space, or you are dissatisfied with high rents.

Why is the reason important? Well, that will be the key point to decide about the best time to move a business. If you are in a hurry moving from Japan then you must organize everything rapidly. Moving companies become your best partners. Still, bear in mind that costs will be higher. On the other hand, if you are not rushing with the move it will be easier. You can plan ahead with your commercial mover. You can count on discounts. Also, decreasing costs will be significant.

A man and woman shaking hands
Hire a reliable commercial mover and with their assistance plan the best time to move a business.

Take your own business into consideration when planning the move

Consult your employees about any decision you make. It is always important to hear another opinion. Among many businesses, we single out several industries.

  • retail industry
  • hospitality industry
  • project-based companies

The season in the retail industry is the busiest between November and January. Hence, in order to avoid losing money and clients avoid this time of year for moving. Always choose periods with lower sales volume.

By all means, those who work in the hospitality industry work and earn most during summer and spring. Thus, choosing the fall and winter is a much better option.

Project-based companies have to bear in mind their projects.  Analyzing the beginning and the end of projects is crucial in planning your move. You shouldn’t risk losing a project because of bad decisions.

Moreover, when deciding on the move don’t forget your clients. You have to let them know about the move. Remind them by sending an email, print leaflets with the new address of your company, make posters.

Weather affects the choice of the best time to move a business

Believe it or not, weather can make great differences when you decide about the adequate moment of relocating your job. For instance, the best weather conditions are in fall and in spring, especially in March and April. The demands are the lowest. Certainly, the prices will correspond to your possibilities. To tell you the truth, summer is the ideal time for moving. Your children are off school so one concern less. However, in that case, be prepared to pay more. If you want to save money winter is the best time for you. Still, be aware of the cold weather, the ice on the roads. All that can make your relocation quite difficult and risky. As a result, consider what is the best for your work in terms of money and weather. Hurry up and book a move when the right season comes.

 Snowy road during the winter
Though it can be cheaper consider the disadvantages of moving during winter days. It can be hard and risky.

Not only the seasons but days and parts of days are also relevant

The days and times of day are of great importance when looking for the finest point in changing the address of your work. If your job allows choosing weekdays for moving you will have weekends to unpack slowly. Also, weekdays offer lower costs. However, the most important thing is to consult your stakeholders. Sales volume of your company shouldn’t be diminished because of the relocation.

When you look at the weeks, the best time is the middle of the months. Costs will be lower since most clients move at the beginning of the month. Hence, the demand is little. International freight forwarding will be at your disposal whenever you require its services.

a clock showing us the time
Start your relocation early in the morning and enjoy the rest of the day and a new beginning.

When we choose the best time for moving to a new office space then we opt for the early morning. Professional moving companies will be at your old office at 7 or 8 a.m. It’s much better to load your boxes and transport them earlier. You can use the rest of the day to start organizing your new office space.

Holiday weekends are not the best time to move a business

Though you might think it’s a good idea to use holidays to move, you should avoid holiday weekends. Always choose the time before or after the holidays. You’ll have more time to prepare. Moreover, what is important is to evade extra fees. It’s always more expensive to move during the holidays. Employers have to pay their staff more. Of course, you will have to pay for those additional costs.

On the whole, moving a business demands thorough planning and organization

As shown above, you must consider lots of things to move your business without any problems. Take your moving budget into consideration and decide about the best time to move a business. You must take care of the weather, times of day, type of your business. After all, it’s up to you to find a reliable moving company and plan your relocation. Although you can organize everything yourself search for professionals to facilitate the move.


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