When is the best time of the year to move?

As you know, the process of moving house requires a lot of time, patience and planning. The planning is actually one of the most important parts of your move. Something you should keep in mind when preparing for the move is that it’s a good idea to choose the date carefully. It might seem like it doesn’t really matter when you’re moving, but it does. There are pros and cons to all the seasons, so you should choose the right one for you. You should probably research these basic things before diving into cargo export. So, if you’re looking for the best time of the year for the move, here are some tips.

Is summer the best time of the year to move?

Ah, summer – the longest days of the year and the hottest months of the year. For some, the heat of these months sounds like a dream. Others would say it’s their worst nightmare. If you’re wondering if summer is the best season for the move, here are some things you should think about.

Pros of moving in the summer

Even if you don’t like this season, you can’t deny that there are some good sides to moving in the summer.

  • First of all, the days are longer. This means that you’ll have way more time to get everything done and you won’t have to unload the truck or start unpacking in the dark.
  • Apart from that, you don’t have to worry about rain. Rain, snow and other problematic weather conditions can damage your boxes during the move. So, if you’re moving in the summer, you won’t have that issue.
  • If you are selling your home, summer is the perfect time to do it. Summer is the peak of the moving season, which means that there are lots of people looking to buy a house and move.
  • In case you have kids, summer might be the best time to move. Why? Well, because they are out of school, so relocating won’t affect their education.

Cons of moving in the summer

Now let’s see the negative sides of summer relocation.

  • Hot weather is great when you’re going to the beach, but it’s maybe not the ideal time to move. With all the moving and heavy lifting you’ll be doing, do you really need one more reason to sweat?
  • As mentioned earlier, summer is the peak of the moving season. Yes, this means you’ll sell your house easier, but it’s not all good news. This also means that everyone is moving during this time and it will be more difficult to find a moving company. It might be easy to get international air freight forwarders, but you’ll need some movers too. Hiring a moving company is also more expensive in the summer. If you want to save some money, maybe you should consider moving in a different part of the year.

It’s difficult to say whether summer is the best time of the year to move or not, you need to decide that based on your priorities.

Moving in the winter

A snowy road with trees on the sides
The snow might bother you, but there are some good sides to moving in the winter.

Most people don’t like having too many activities during the winter. They prefer to stay in their warm bed with a cup of tea and a good book. You have to admit, this is pretty understandable. But, if you aren’t one of those people and you want to move house in the winter, here’s what you should keep in mind.

  • The good thing about moving from Japan in the winter is that the demand for moving companies isn’t as high. Not only will the move be much less expensive than in the summer, but you’ll also have more dates to choose from. Because not as many people decide to move in the winter, moving companies’ schedules aren’t as packed, so you can pick the perfect date for your move.
  • Your kids will be in school, which could be problematic for them. So, this might not be the best part of the year to move for people with kids.
  • Extremely cold weather, snow and ice aren’t exactly perfect conditions for relocation. The weather can be dangerous both for driving and the boxes. You’ll need to protect your things from damage, salt the walkways and wear appropriate clothes. All in all, a winter move requires a lot more preparation.

Fall and spring might be the best time of the year to move

Yellow leaves
Fall might be the perfect season for moving. The weather is mild and the prices are low.

Moving is always possible when you find reliable movers for moving abroad. However, some parts of the year will treat you better during relocation than others. Because of the mild climate, fall and spring might be the perfect time of the year for moving.

  • Just like winter, fall and spring aren’t the peaks of the moving season, so you can expect lower prices. Moving off-season is a great way to lower moving costs. The moving company will be cheaper, but also the house you’re thinking of buying.
  • The weather is pleasant and mild, it’s neither too cold or too warm. This is great because you don’t have to worry about how you’ll survive these extreme weather conditions.
  • If you move during fall, you’ll already be settled into your new home once the winter and snow arrive.
  • The bad thing about moving during these months is that your kids are either starting the school year or finishing it. Either way, it might be slightly problematic.
Flowers of a cherry tree. Spring might be the best time of the year to move.
Moving in the spring? Good choice! This might be the best time of the year to move.

So, what do you say? What sounds like the best time of the year to move to you? Everyone has different priorities and preferences. Some people’s focus is on saving money, while others’ is not disturbing their children’s school year. Luckily for you, there are benefits to every season, so you practically can’t make a mistake. It’s all down to one question: what is most important to you?

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