What to do when your shipment is late?

You should learn what to do when your shipment is late, no matter who organizes shipping. If you cooperate with the company, choose the reliable one, like Kokusai Express Japan. Their experience, skilled workers, and knowledge will prevent all delaying and late. However, even the best company cannot predict problems, so you should prepare for the worst situations. Your shipment will be exposed to various effects, from the weather to the human mistake. Make sure that you have prevented all problems but in the end, prepare for the worst scenario. Learn what to do when a delay happens.

What to do when your shipment is late?

Companies have a procedure for these situations, and you should be seriously informed. However, the first step in the procedure is your reaction late. You should learn how to demand an explanation but also compensation.

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What to do when your shipment is late?

Calculate the costs of shipping delays

Depending on the types of goods that you ship, you can ask for a different amount of compensation. If you ship perishable items, every day late could be important and dangerous. On the other hand, the reason for delaying, like weather, could affect the damage of the goods along with delaying. Sea freight forwarders know it and offer the best compensation for your particular case. The real cost of delaying is the impact on your business that affects your reputation and clients’ loyalty.

How do the companies compensate delaying?

Companies have a precise list of costs in case your shipment is delayed, so you should learn what to do when your shipment is late. In that way, you will be able to ask for compensation that fully covers the damage that the delay caused.

  • Customer Acquisition Costs (CAC) – it is five-time expensive to acquire a customer than retain an existing one;
  • Increasing your customer retention rate by 5% lead to increased profits of between 25% and 95%;
  • You should learn what to do when your shipment is late for one more reason – almost 84% of customers won’t shop after one poor delivery experience.

Steps to do when your shipment delays

If you are not prepared for these situations, you can face serious troubles. The most important advice is to stay calm and follow the procedures that companies have defined. Most of them have easy steps to do when your shipment is late. Those problems are easy to resolve when you communicate with one of the most professional overseas shipping companies.

Lates in shipping are more common than you think


The first is informing the company of your shipment delays and asking for a resolution. Many people are confused and do not know what to do when your shipment is late. Workers in the company will tell you how to organize faster shipment and how to resolve a problem. Learn how stress affect your health and how to avoid it.

Delaying is more common than you expect

Clients usually do not know about delays and do not expect that it could be late that much. However, it is more common than you know, and companies resolve those problems successfully in most cases. It is important, though, to inform the company about it and explain the worst consequences of shipping delaying. Companies will recommend it when you ask what to do when your shipment is late.


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