What Are The Things To Pack Last When Moving?

We are always concerned about things to pack last when moving. For somebody, it could be the things that are very important. Those even include things that we are emotionally connected with. For other ones, those are practical things that we will use during traveling. However, people usually forget how the moving process actually looks like. Yes, you have packed everything in boxes.

However, you will not remove and unpack boxes right after moving. It could take weeks before you even open the first box. That is why is important to pack needed items separately. On the other hand, there are also things that you should pack on the top of all boxes. Those you will need the first after moving.

Coloring pencils are not things to pack last when moving
Coloring pencils are not one of the items to pack last when moving

There are few things to pack last when moving, according to their exigency:

  • Those are things that you will need first, like children wardrobe or stuff from work;
  • You should also pack things that you will use during traveling, like food or drink;
  • There are breakable things which you should put on the top of the boxes, it includes things that we are emotionally connected with;
  • Cosmetic preparations are surely important to us. Especially after long and exhausting moving when we need to feel like before as soon as possible.

Things to pack last when moving because we will need them while traveling

We usually forget that traveling lasts some time. We are sure that there are a lot of stops and gas stations near the highway. However, we should not rely on it. Sometimes we will be in hurry or stick in traffic. On the other hand, it is important to have those things if we travel with children and pets.

Toilet supplies

If you travel often you have learned that you will need these items. Those include paper towel, wet wipes, liquid soap (or disinfection gel), and cosmetics. Those are surely things to pack last when moving. Especially if we know to forget something. You should prepare those things day or two before moving.

Medicals, eyeglasses

People with chronical diseases know that they should not go on the road without medicals. On the other hand, there are things that you should take with you even you are not sick. It usually includes first aid kit, pain relief tablets, and energy drinks. However, if you wear eyeglasses, you should take a spare one with you. It especially worth when moving with one of the international air freight forwarders. They have not to need to know what you will need during traveling. They do not have time to worry about it.

 Food and drink

Well, you should know that you will be hungry when traveling. We are sure that you know for that. However, when moving is about, people forget about that. Snacks and food will help you to avoid nervousness. It is especially important if you are traveling by one of the air freight forwarders. Take food and drink for children and pets, too.

Speaking about the pets and children

They need things that will calm down them during traveling. You should know which are things to pack last when moving in that case. It should be a toy or food they like the most. Do not hesitate to ask your child which one it loves the most.

Anime toys
It is very important to take children’s and pet’s toys with you

Tape and wraps

Even though you have packed properly, there should always be spare tape and wraps with you. It is not bad to pack them last when moving. You will be able to use it in case that you see opened box or something like that.

Tools are things to pack last when moving, too

You may feel that with the closing of the boxes the hardest job is finished. However, you must be prepared for possible problems and the opening of the boxes at the final destination. It especially worth when heavy lift cargo moving is about.

Box cutter, knife, scissors, screwdriver, and hammer

Those are things that you must have with you even the professional moving company helps you. You cannot predict if you will be forced to open one of the boxes or piece of furniture during traveling. Even though you have not packed your boxes, be prepared to repack them if it is needed.

Work gloves

We know that you are not prepared for this problem. However, why would you damage your hands if you do not need to? A pair of work gloves will surely help you in packing or repacking. Those are things to pack last when moving, that is for sure.

First night at the new home

These are things that people forget about. You expect that a final destination is clean and opened for a new family. However, things are not usually like that. There are situations when you must prepare the new home for living there. That is why things to pack last when moving includes first night equipment.

Pajama and toothbrushes

People forget that your pajamas, like other clothes, are packed deep in boxes in truck or airplane. Your first night at a new home could be horror without them, thus. That is why those are things to pack last when moving. Make sure that you have packed children’s favorite toy and pajamas, too.

A man looking into the international vehicle transportation companies.
Picking what of the things to pack last when moving could be hard

Map of the area and local phone book

You might prepare yourself for a new home. However, what is about the new city and state? In case that you have not prepared for it, you will find in a strange city without help. Things are even worse when moving abroad. You will be a literally an alien in the big city. In order to avoid that, prepare a map and phone book of the area. In that way, you will exclude those surprises.

Light bubbles, flashlights, extension cord, and batteries

The thing to pack last when moving includes, at first glance, unusual items. However, think for a moment about a dark house, without any furniture. You will bring your stuff later. However, the house could be literally empty before that. Prepare these things with you, just in case. Make sure that these things you pack last when moving.

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