What Americans moving to Japan should know

Americans moving to Japan should know many things, but mostly unspoken rules that this country has. Most of them include public behavior, the way that you will talk with the people, and business customs. However, moving to Japan could be very difficult and stressful, so rely on Kokusai Express Japan for this relocation.

What should Americans moving to Japan know?

There are a lot of things that people from America should know before moving to Japan. Many of these rules are not widely known, so you can face very bad situations. Before moving you should inform them carefully.

  • Overseas shipping companies will easily and fast bring you to Japan but after that you are alone;
  • Americans moving to Japan should know that people here do not like bad behavior;
  • Be careful with money since they do not like bank cards.

    Japanese girls
    There are many unspoken rules that Americans moving to Japan should know

Do not be loud

They do not like people that make noises in any way. It is especially worth it for public transportation where are not allowed to use a mobile phone, blow your nose and talk too loudly. They do not like loudspeakers, so you should be especially careful when talking with them in public. The only exception is karaoke, which they love very much. They are professionals in the job so packing and transporting project cargo should not be so difficult with good company, though.

A cash-oriented country

Sounds amazing, but there is an economically developed country that demands using cash. Although they have ATMs at every corner, they prefer money. It especially means that you will not be e able to shop in small stores in neighborhoods without money. On the other hand, they love online shopping, so you will be able to purchase goods that way. Just be aware of the customs clearance and their rules.

It is a country of elders

Japan is a company that invests in helping the elder, through social help, homes, and similar actions. It also means that they have grown in a country where the average age is very high, while many young couples do not have children. If you are an older person you will get a great time here. They have made associations, activities, and institutions specially oriented to elders.

How ordinary life looks like?

When moving to Japan you will face a lot of interesting situations. Most of them could be weird if you are not prepared for specific customs and rules that Japanese people follow.

They love animals

Maybe you are not a fan of cats, but Japanese people are extreme cat lovers. They love all animals and have made cafes for animal owners only. However, the most interesting animal for them is a cat and they have made a whole culture around it. You will see sculptures, pictures, and places made for the cat’s satisfaction.

Man waiting for the train
People in Japan work too much and they are always in a hurry

It is a very safe country

Americans could be surprised with a low crime rate that is worth it for Japan. However, the numbers are not falling, since they have no crime on their streets. They have a widely popular and known mafia called Yacusa, but they work under their organization and named rules. Otherwise, you will be completely safe on the street, in stores, and in your home. Americans moving to Japan should know that they do not allow any type of suspicious behavior.


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