Ways to beat unpacking procrastination after moving

In theory, unpacking should be an easy task. The hardest part, packing and moving, is over and you are free to relax at your new home. But, after a stressful move, you might find emptying boxes and finding a place for everything right away to be quite exhausting. Contrary to packing, which has a clear deadline and that is moving day, unpacking doesn’t really have a time limit. You can postpone it for a later time. And when that time comes, you can delay it again. And again. However, you can’t live among piles of boxes forever. Eventually, you’ll just have to get to work. At the end of the day, you won’t be able to really enjoy your new home until you finish unpacking. In this article, you will find all the best ways to beat unpacking procrastination after moving.

Set a deadline

So, you are relocated and you are satisfied with the best moving service Japan has to offer.  But now you are tripping over those cardboard boxes everywhere. As mentioned above, it’s much easier to keep postponing unpacking when you don’t have a deadline set. The best way for you to feel motivated to unpack is to pick a date you want everything to be done by. Also, there is no better cure for beating unpacking procrastination than having guests. So, scheduling a housewarming party or something similar will make you start unpacking for sure. You’ll certainly want your home to look tidy and clean for your guests.

Throwing a housewaming party will make you want to unpack faster, so toast with your friends and family over dinner like the people in the photo
Schedule a housewarming party to motivate yourself to start unpacking as soon as possible

Start now in order to beat unpacking procrastination after moving

The trick to beating unpacking procrastination is to just start doing it, even with a single box. As soon as you are finished with reading this article, unpack at least one box. When it comes to unpacking, doing something, however small, is much better than doing nothing. It’s likely that taking even that small step will motivate you to do more. Start easy and for example, unpack books or decorative items that you simply need to put on the self. When you start with easy things that don’t require a lot of planning to unpack, you are allowing yourself to get in the right mindset for tackling the bigger things later.

Unpack a little every day

Breaking the unpacking process down into tiny tasks can make the whole process manageable and even enjoyable. Unpack the bathroom first. It is essential that you make it functional as soon as possible, and there isn’t too much stuff that goes in it. Unpacking towels, toiletries, personal hygiene products, candles and such, will probably take you less than an hour, but it will make you feel positive and productive. Perhaps you will only finish one room, or one box a day, but that isn’t procrastination. When divided into small chores, unpacking is actually not that difficult or time-consuming.  Keep your deadline in mind and a lot of small things will add up to a home that is perfectly unpacked. It will also leave you with more time to adapt to your new neighborhood.

Two people dancing in between carboard boxes
Unpacking doesn’t have to be boring. How about a little dancing to your favorite music in between emptying the boxes?

Make it fun

Playing your favorite music while unpacking will energize and entertain you. It’s also a good opportunity to listen to your favorite podcasts. Don’t, however, distract yourself with TV. It might seem like a good time to catch up on your shows, but it’s counter-productive. Either it will distract you from unpacking and you won’t do as much as you intended, or you’ll miss what’s going on while you’re getting things out of the boxes.

Ask friends and family to help

Every task is easier with another set of hands. With someone helping you, the whole process will take much less time, so you can start thinking about all the ways of personalizing your new home. Don’t hesitate to ask a close friend or a family member to help with a specific unpacking task, like getting the kitchen or living room organized. They probably wouldn’t mind helping you, as it would be time spent in good company. And you would do the same for them, right? When you have company, you will feel more motivated not to procrastinate. Plus, unpacking will go much faster, and you will be astonished at what can be accomplished in just one afternoon.

Reward yourself for surpassing unpacking procrastination after moving

Whether you unpacked something small, like your shoes, or something big that needed to be moved with project cargo, like your furniture, don’t forget to reward yourself. You can buy something that you always wanted, go out to dinner or stay in a watch a good movie. You should feel proud after completing the task you gave yourself. Do anything that makes you happy as a reward. It will encourage you to achieve even more tomorrow. Stick to small rewards until you’ve witnessed a substantial amount of progress.

Reward yourself for beating unpacking procrastination after moving with a little gift, nicely wrapped in a box like in the picture above
Reward yourself with a little something you’ve been eyeing after you complete the unpacking task of the day

Don’t seek perfection if you want to beat unpacking procrastination after moving

A common reason for unpacking procrastination after moving is thinking everything must be done perfectly. Yet, the goal with unpacking is to get everything out of boxes and place it someplace in your home. There will be plenty of time to rearrange furniture and everything else later. Placing everything just as you like it will only slow you down. Your focus should be on getting all your boxes unpacked and out of your home. Once everything is out in the open, it will be easier for you to reorganize as you see fit.

Keep your end goal in mind

Almost everybody deals with a certain amount of unpacking procrastination after moving. When you are unpacking and those unproductive thoughts come to you, remind yourself how amazing it will feel when everything is done. Also, how bad would you feel if you are still unpacked a month from now? So, do your best to fight the impulse to prolong unpacking and follow the advice mentioned above. Once you unpack, you will be free to enjoy your new home and neighborhood.

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