Ways to avoid common shipping and freight frauds

Frauds happen in each sphere of life and work. When you are to deal with the transport of your belongings you must take care of many details. Certainly, you don’t need any problems with scammers. Hopefully, you won’t confront with frauds. Still, make sure to avoid common shipping and freight frauds. Well, start by recognizing a good moving company. Moreover, get familiar with types of scams. That is the only way to escape them. Thus, with our help, pay more attention to certain things when choosing the right company.

Following our tips avoid common shipping and freight frauds

First of all, start with doing some research. Make the best choices when moving internationally. Try to find out everything you can about the company of your interest. Check the reviews. Make sure it’s got licenses. When we talk about US companies it’s easy. Determine if the company’s got a DOT number. With companies from other countries, you can check local websites and forums. Also, it would be best if your company is a member of international moving associations. This is only the beginning. In order to evade familiar shipping and freight frauds, learn everything about the scams.

Scammers can hold your bill of landing

Scam companies will brag they’re famous. Their offers will be ridiculously low-rated. Your things will be packed and shipped. However, cheaters will withhold your bill of landing. As a result, your shipment will be unloaded without this bill. What’s next? Here comes a nightmare for you. Scammers usually ask for a ransom. Otherwise, you won’t see your shipment again.

a cargo ship unloading containers
Don’t forget to look for your bill of landing. Without it, as proof of your carriage, you won’t be able to get your belongings. Make safe choices.

Nevertheless, don’t be desperate. There’s a way to escape common shipping and freight scams. Check normal costs of international freight forwarding. Of course, cheap sounds attractive. Especially when you try to save some money. However, sometimes it’s better to pay and be satisfied. Bear in mind that legitimate companies will give you a bill of landing.

Protect your cargo

Be careful with highly valuable items. Nowadays, it’s a very popular scam. You might end up with a great loss. Therefore, hire reliable movers. Search the net. Check licenses.

different valuable paintings on the wall
In case you’re the owner of valuable items be careful. Scammers might steal your cargo. Protect it by making the right choices.

Pay attention to fake costs

Well, we can’t say it’s truly a scam. However, be aware that this is frequent. Some of the costs they can charge you are here.

  • security expenses
  • new export fees
  • fuel costs
  • US Customs Air
  • the increased rate during the peak season
  • adjusting to Chinese currency

By all means, try to avoid these costs. Be informed. Search the internet. Check thoroughly the company you plan to hire. Read the contract carefully before signing it. Negotiate with international moving companies. It’s their will to offer fake costs. But it’s your right to find another company.

Changing bank details is one of the recent scams

It seems impossible. Still, scammers work hard on cheating people. New ideas appear all the time. This is one of the latest. How does it work? You can receive an email from a company. It looks like it’s your company. The demand is to put your payment in a different bank. Of course, they will offer you different bank details.

a laptop, mobile phone and a notebook with a pen
Avoid common shipping and freight frauds. Be ready to check everything. Send additional emails.

Therefore, avoid moving scams. Always be careful when someone contacts you about the money. Email other contacts in the organization. Check if there’s been some change in bank details.

Be aware of the duplicate name

Scammers can make a fake site. They can give it a name similar to the name of a legitimate company’s site. With the development of the internet, it’s an easy endeavor. Practically, someone is making sites to steal money.

Notably, you should distinguish legitimate sites properly. Just pay attention to the site’s URL. Check misspelled letters. In case the URL has a free hosting website on it we can state it’s a fake site. Beware of the websites that have .wix, .homestead, and .hubspot. Of course, sometimes companies change the website or the URL. Nevertheless, well-established companies would publicly announce their change. Simply check the URL in your browser. You don’t have to be an expert to discover certain frauds.

Shipping notifications can also be fake

Of course, you will always get emails from your company. It’s something you expect. However, sometimes you can get emails where they look for certain personal information. It could be your credit number. Also, you are required to click on a link. Thus, you’ll turn over your information to scammers. If you go to a certain link you can download a virus. Believe it or not, it can steal information from your computer. In each case, the thieves get what they need.

Identify legitimate companies

Indeed, you must go through the company’s websites carefully. Hence, look at people’s photos and pictures of shipments. Check social media. If your potential company is in the same city as you are, visit them. Send emails. Make phone calls.  Scrutinize a brochure. Also, photos of meetings are important proof of their legitimacy. Even a short video can prove validity. All these things boost legitimacy.

Don’t allow yourself to be scammed

All in all, scammer do exist. New scams appear frequently. They are more imaginative each time. Still, use the internet and its possibilities. You can avoid common shipping and freight frauds. Be smart. Knowing almost all types of frauds will help you. Prepare yourself. Find a reliable company. Take your bill of landing. Avoid fake costs. Check the URL and emails. Scrutinize the websites. Hopefully, we’ve helped you discover many new things. In case scammers try anything you’ll be prepared. With all this in mind, try to be one step ahead of them. Distinguish good and reliable companies.


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