Vehicle shipping problems and how to avoid them

Are you moving out of Japan to another country? That is not an easy task at all since moving is one of the hardest things for an individual. It requires a lot of planning, good time management, and power of will. If you think it’s easier than that, it’s probably because you haven’t ever moved.  You need to follow all these steps in order to have a smooth relocation. Yet, if you don’t, it’s going to be time-consuming and exhausting. Shipping is a very popular and practical way of transportation. Movers of your choice are going to load your cargo on ship as well as your vehicle. Stick with us because we are going to talk about vehicle shipping problems that may occur during the move and ways on how to avoid them.

First things first, make a plan!

When talking about moving overseas, it’s never an easy job. You are leaving your current country, traveling to the new state and the new home. Not to scare you, but there are many things that can go wrong if you don’t plan your relocation well enough. Packing the right way and choosing a good moving company that guarantees that nothing will happen to your belongings are things to look out for. We have to recommend professional movers that will make your move look effortless.

people making a plan and discussing how to avoid vehicle shipping problems
Making a good plan is crucial step moving!

What could go wrong?

Since we are talking about vehicle shipping problems, we have to think about what could possibly go wrong during the transportation. Car lovers tend to look at their vehicles as part of their family. If you are one yourself, don’t forget to do good research in order to find the most trustworthy moving company. By doing this, not only that your car will be safe and sound, but you will have peace of mind as well. It’s always a possibility that something might happen to your car during the move. Also, make sure you are well informed and have vehicle documentation ready because of cargo export Japan. People often overlook this step and as a consequence, they might experience unnecessary complications.

Damaging your vehicle

Probably the most common unwanted thing that happens is damage to your vehicle. Chances of this happening are significantly lower if you choose reliable overseas moving companies. Professionals will ensure that all needed measures are taken in order to protect your vehicle. On the other side, no matter how much movers try, some things can not be avoided. For example, bad weather is one thing we can’t really affect.

How can you possibly avoid this?

First things first, mentally prepare yourself that there is a possibility that something can happen. Of course, no one really wants to think this way, but it happens from time to time. What you can do about this is to get a good insurance plan for your vehicle. Doing this step is literally essential so you can sleep well without thinking whether something is going to happen to it or not. You could save up money by not taking insurance, but we always recommend doing so. There is one more thing you can do to avoid vehicle shipping problems. Take a photo of your can before it’s loaded on the ship. This way, even if something happens during shipping, you have the proof!

vehicles on the ship
There are several things you can do in order to avoid car damage.

Not communicating with the movers during transportation

We know how it sounds, but believe it or not, this happens occasionally. Check all the information and take contact numbers before the ship sails. Losing communication between clients and movers can lead up to delays. Since the COVID-19 pandemic hit the world, there have been many cases of delays when it comes to shipping. Considering this, it’s nothing uncommon to worry about.

What you can do about this?

As a client, there are a few things you could do. The first thing has to be moving company. Choosing reliable and professional movers is essential when it comes to shipping overseas. The second thing we are going to mention includes you, the client. You also have to do your part by establishing communication with your movers. By doing this, you could avoid possible miscommunication. Also, when you are about to make a deal with movers, make sure to schedule a meeting with their representatives. When you meet them, they will explain how it’s going to work, what can you do as well as what you expect from them!

ships in the marina at night
Communicate properly with your movers in order to avoid miscommunication.

Your delivery is late!

This is one of the most common things people experience, late delivery. When you close the deal with the professional movers, they should always give you an estimated time of delivery. As much as they are trying for that to be as precise as possible, it’s not something they can always control. They consider all the possibilities and then give you the date. Although they are trying to have their clients satisfied, extreme weather conditions, accidents, or mechanical problems can always happen. In addition, there is a chance of your delivery being delayed due to customs control and documentation check which differs from country to country.

How can you help?

Most of the time, you or the movers you chose can’t really affect the delays that could happen but there is something you could do actually. Customs control is the reason why there are delays. What you can do is make sure to research movers before you hire them and always talk to them about how they handle customs control. If they are reputable, gather all the necessary documentation for your vehicle. This way, they will have a much easier time checking your car and releasing it. We talked about a few most common vehicle shipping problems that could occur. Consider all the things we’ve talked about in this when shipping your vehicle overseas. Good luck and happy moving!


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