The Ultimate Japan Bucket List: Things to do in Japan

In Japan, everything works very smoothly and provides a trip without stress. They have perfected most of the things – from staying in a hotel in a capsule to watch the sumo wrestling. They provide the experience that you can come back again and again. And, eventually, you can find yourself hiring moving services Japan and staying there forever. So, what really makes it such an amazing place to visit? And what should you add to your Japan bucket list?

Japan bucket list
Check our list of things you must have on your Japan bucket list

Things that must be on your Japan bucket list

1. Seeing cherry blossom

We believe that cherry blossom is an element of the bucket list for many people. What makes Japan so special is the love and respect of the Japanese for the cherry blossom known as Sakura.

Go explore Ueno Park. This is a great place to visit when sightseeing in Tokyo. In March or April, you will see hundreds and hundreds of people, picnics under the trees and along the paths.

2. Karaoke bars

The Japanese have a real love for karaoke and walking through the streets, you will see bars full of singing men and women. And as soon as you open the door, you will not want to leave. At first, it may seem a bit complicated, but the Japanese are so beautiful and welcoming that you will sing with them soon.

3. Sumo wrestling

This is a unique sporting event that you can experience in Japan. The day begins with student matches, so it gives you the opportunity to work out the rules before serious competitors enter the arena.

Sumo wrestling in Japan bucket list
Ceremonies before the sumo competitions are also something special

Serious sumo wrestling starts at about 2 pm, and it’s really interesting. You can see the different methods used especially for really big ones against smaller wrestlers. The atmosphere in the arena is stunning all the time. There is a lot of love for some wrestlers, so naturally, you will probably also support them.

4. Trying Japanese toilets

If you have ever read a blog about Japan, surely someone mentioned toilets. And they are terrific! They have an insane amount of gadgets, including various water jets, dryers and heated seats, which is a real luxury (even on the train).

There is an interesting option of a music button that plays the sound effects of music or a waterfall to disguise what you are doing there. Although for many people it just masks their giggles.

5. Seeing Japanese Torii

This is a must for your Japan bucket list! Once you visit Torii, you simply cannot forget them. Torii is a traditional Japanese shrine gate. They come in different sizes, and most of them are painted in a bright orange color. Every time you see one, you cannot help but click on your camera. Like everyone else, including the Japanese, of course!

There is the famous Fushimi-Inari in Kyoto. Torii will climb the mountain, take you on a magical walk, exploring the mini-shrines on the route. No wonder Kyoto is on the list of best cities to live in Japan. There is also the torii on the island of Miyajima (a UNESCO World Heritage site).

6. The trip on Japanese Bullet trains

Traveling by train is a great way to travel overland in any new country. But riding a Japanese bullet train is a terrific experience. It feels more like an activity rather than a way of transport. You can chill and relax, watching how the scenery is in perfect comfort. Or if you are tired, this is the perfect place to get some sleep since the trip is so smooth!

7. Staying in the Capsule hotel

Initially, these hotels were designed for businessmen who were working late. But now they are increasingly popular with tourists. Probably, therefore, in the reception of the hotel, there is a large collection of giant suitcases that were never intended for placement in lockers.

8. Japanese nightlife

You will notice very quickly that all the bars in Japan are designed for not many people. Less seems to be better, because you meet more locals. One of the great places for this is in the Shinjuku area. There are about 4 or 5 tiny streets to explore, known as Golden Gai.

Japanese drinks
Nightlife in Japan is something you must experience

In this area, there are more than 200 small bars, each of which has its own peculiar style. Look what takes your imagination and try as much as possible without falling. The best technique is to follow the laughter. Although due to the size sometimes they are filled, it’s worth the effort, so just try the next bar.

9. Food must be on your Japan bucket list

Japan is well known for its sushi, but there are so many delicious foods that you can try. Some of the favorites included ramen, a delicious broth. In some restaurants, you choose and pay your ramen by choosing a picture on the machine. A great way to try something else.

Ramen in Japan bucket list
Doesn’t this look delicious?

Tofu is very popular. There are some amazing restaurants in Tokyo. Even if you think that you do not like the tofu, try it. We can promise that you will be pleasantly surprised.

And, finally, Japan is doing some amazing street food, like on the Kyoto food market on Nishiki Street. You will see so many strange and wonderful kinds of food.

What if you get so excited that you want to move there?

Well, Japan is a great place for foreigners. People here are very friendly and ready to help. Moving there can actually be the best choice in your life. Just keep in mind it is quite different compared to your homeland. Everything is much smaller than in most countries. Same goes for the apartments. And you probably have too many things that you want to carry with you to Japan. If that is the case, then you can rent a warehouse in Japan. There you can keep everything that you do not need in your apartment.

Japan bucket list
And yes, Japan must be on your bucket list

Japan is a very interesting country to visit. Even if you are not a big fan of eastern culture, this country will make you love it very quickly. And once you visit all the places from the Japan bucket list, you will love it even more.

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