Ultimate checklist for relocating to Japan

Moving is easy if you are prepared for it, especially when moving to Japan. The most important thing is to have all of your documents together. Taking that you are moving abroad, you for sure have everything ready. Another way to secure a successful relocation is to have a job upon arrival. This will usually mean that you get the job while on a tourist visa, leave, and come again once everything is settled. Your best bet is to hire Kokusai Express Japan. Japan attracts expats mostly because of its high salaries and quality of life. But logically, with that come great expenses. Whoever moved to Japan agrees that it is well worth it. With this ultimate checklist for relocating to Japan, you will be ready.

The first step is to get a visa

To avoid all the hassle that comes with getting a visa, you have an easy way around it. If you get a job before your move with some international movers Japan you will have them doing everything for you. There are almost 30 types of visas depending on your profession. Imagine all the research you need to do to do it yourself. The best way is to let someone who knows about it for you aka, your employer.

Picture of documents
Getting a visa is the first step to a successful relocation to Japan

Ultimate checklist for relocating to Japan – find a home

When thinking about housing in the Land of the Rising Sun, two things come to mind. Lack of space and expensive. Japan is expensive in general with Tokyo being one of the most expensive cities in the world. Since this is a relatively small island, nearly 130 million people can make it feel a little crowded. If expensive is not gonna turn you away from moving to Japan, you should know that there are different types of houses, like:

  • Modern apartment buildings
  • Japanese-style houses
  • Western-style houses

Expats can easily buy houses in Japan if they have the money to afford them. Buying a house is expensive, same as renting, with the average price around 337,000 USD.

Think about health insurance

The healthcare system in Japan is one of the best in the world. It is crucial to be insured and that’s why we had to include it in this ultimate checklist for relocating to Japan. They have the highest life expectancy rates, due to the attention put on preventative care. Not having your residency card is the only thing that can stop you from being part of this awesome system. There are two types of health insurance you can apply for:

  1. Japanese National Health Insurance – this is the one for students, unemployed people, and the ones who work part-time
  2. Standard Japanese Health Insurance – this type of insurance is only available to full-time employees
Woman practising yoga
The Japanese put great attention to preventative care

Conclusion on our ultimate checklist for relocating to Japan

We hope that our moving tips from this ultimate checklist for relocating to Japan will help you make your international move easier. This type of move usually tends to be more difficult, but they don’t have to if you are prepared and ready to go! We wish you a seamless relocation!


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