Transfer of residence when moving from Japan to Italy

Moving from Japan to Italy is a very complicated and stressful process. It could become even more difficult if you do not organize every detail. Transfer of residence is one of them that people usually forget about. Although you will need a visa and prepare other papers before moving, you will need to get a special allowance for living in Italy. It is simple to purchase, but you will need to learn more about that. Make sure you have been informed about everything correctly and on time. Stay focused on details and rely on professionals whenever you can. Moving will be faster and easier if you hire Kokusai Express Japan.

Moving from Japan to Italy

The process of moving is as complicated as long, and in most cases, it will take all your free time. However, you can organize relocation in a way that does not take your time and effort. You will also be able to control costs if you have the correct information and start on time.

Moving to Italy
Moving from Japan to Italy is an opportunity to explore this country

Take visa

Like in any other country, before hiring international air freight forwarders is essential to get all documents. The first one is a visa, which is obligated for Italy. For non-EU citizens, which you are, you will need a list of papers and allowances. If you plan to work and live in Italy for a long time, you should get a long-stay visa, which presumes to get other visas for special occasions. You will need working, study, or family and self-employed access.

How to transfer residence

When moving from Japan to Italy, you will need to get a transfer of residence, and a special allowance called an Italy residence permit. It is a standard procedure when moving internationally, though.

  • Italy government has made an Italian residence permit application kit which makes this process much faster and easier;
  • When moving to Italy, you should inform about the regulations and working permits;
  • After a long-stay visa, you can apply for a special allowance and make your stay legal.

Check all regulations before moving

Although Italy is nothing different from other countries, there are a few details that you should know before moving. There are many reasons why people love Japan, and one of them should be easiness when getting a visa and papers.

Inform about needed allowances and documents before moving

Costs of moving

Although you should plan your relocation thoroughly and prepare for high costs, people forget about the additional costs. As if you can find more affordable, but quality overseas moving service, when taking visa prices are fixed. You must remember the taxes, stamps, and other documents. There is a list of obligated papers that you need to prepare when organizing relocation.

Rely on trusted sites and agencies

Moving to another country is stressful, and people often choose the companies they trust most. However, it takes work to determine the cheaper companies for this procedure. Also, you should rely on official information about visas and residence permits. Only in that way will you safely organize moving from Japan to Italy without the high cost.

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