Top 5 Cargo Security Tips

In case you need to travel separately form your belongings, or simply want to ship some goods, you’ll need to use cargo service. On the other hand, if you are a manufacturer and want to send items to your customer, you will need to use expert air freight forwarders and their services. Whatever the reasons behind the decision to ship cargo are, you will need to think about cargo security. Especially because of the fact that you will not be able to oversee the transportation process. Luckily, there are some pretty good ways to secure your cargo, and we’ll give you the top five of those. Keep in mind that the ultimate goal is for your cargo to reach its destination safely and without any damage. And jor job is to do whatever you can to prevent surprises and unpleasant situations.

A few words about cargo security

It’s important to realize that every cargo is precious, regardless of its content. Therefore, a security question is the same if you want to secure artwork for shipping or some clothing and personal belongings for the purpose of relocation. It is very important that cargo is well packed, safe and secured from damage and theft. And it is your responsibility to ensure that. This is particularly important for shipments that are going to travel interstate or across the ocean. In these situations, you will not be able to act fast if anything bad happens, and you will need to deal with the consequences. And this could even lead to losing all of your belongings. And that is something you can’t let happen.

Trucks on the road
Inexperience is the main reason accidents happen

Common misconceptions about cargo security

Inexperience is the main reason why people don’t secure their cargo properly during cargo export. This is mostly due to the reason that there are common rumors that lead you to believe in wrong cargo security tips. Some of the most common misconceptions you can hear are:

  1. The cargo is heavy, it cannot slip – the probability of the cargo slipping is not dependent on the weight of the cargo. The securing forces have to be stronger the heavier the load is.
  2. Heavy cargo cannot tip over – same as the previous, the cargo’s probability of tipping over is dependent on its weight. The only decisive factor is the position of the center of gravity about the tipping edge.
  3. The vehicle tarpaulin holds the load – we don’t have to say how wrong this is. The tarpaulin is not a load securing device, therefore you shouldn’t use it for that purpose.

Tip Number One – Cargo Insurance

Now, there are several types of cargo, but cargo security tips apply to them all. And one of the most important things you are going to need is cargo shipping insurance, and that goes without any questions. It is a must, regardless of the price you are going to pay for it. This is the best way to protect yourself from possible losses, especially if high-value items are at the stake. Even though sometimes this addition can cost you as same as other cargo shipping expenses, it is not something you want to play with. Every cent will pay off, especially if you find yourself in a situation where you need to claim this insurance. Therefore, make sure you cover this part in order to sleep tight while your cargo is on the move. Better safe than sorry.

Tip Number Two – Use Technology

Nowadays, there are many high-tech solutions you can use to improve your cargo security. And the best part is that many of these are not expensive at all. For instance, you can find very good GPS trackers for a very affordable price. These are very handy as you will be able to discern the location of your cargo at any time. Next, there are some pretty good digital locks you can purchase online. Some of these have even a fingerprint unlock system which is great as no one else apart from you will be able to open your shipment. Just keep in mind that sometimes customs officers must be able to open the shipment. Therefore it is best to use these for cargo that is traveling inside the country. Besides these you can use some of these as well:

  • Alarms
  • Devices for immobilization
  • Crypters for all tech-wise items
cargo on the ship
Use technology to secure your cargo

Tip Number Three – Inspect Cargo Before And After The Trip

It is very important that you inspect your items and verify that the transportation went well. What you can do is take some pictures, and let the transportation company know you have these and will compare them with the state of the items at the final destination. In most cases, this will be the signal for a company to tell their workers to be very careful with their things. Especially because they will know there is no way for them to tell something was damaged before the shipping. Just make sure you act fast once the cargo is at the desired destination and check everything to the last detail.

Weight distribution is important

In case the vehicle is partially loaded, you need to be careful during international freight forwarding. You need to distribute the weight so that you load each axle proportionally. Take into account the load distribution plan that the manufacturers of the vehicle provide.

Pay attention to the total weight

Here you need to pay attention to two things. Don’t pack too many items to not exceed the total weight that’s permitted. You either shouldn’t load too little, because there is also a minimum axle load. When packing, remember that heavy items go down and light items on top of them.

Tip Number Four – Possess All Information

This cargo security tip can apply to many other things. One of the most important freight shipping questions you must ask is how and where to get information and details regarding the shipment. This means you will know exactly how and when cargo will be shipped when to expect it and what procedures you must follow. Luckily, many of these will be in the contract as well, hence your job is to confirm that you have all relevant information prior to the departure of your goods.

a woman sitting on the floor
Keep your cargo shipment in secret


Tip Number Five – Keep It Quiet

The final tip for today’s cargo security topic is to keep a low profile and not tell everyone about your shipment. It is not that we are implying that someone you know will use the information to do a bad thing. But, someone around might hear what you are talking about and try to benefit from the information he received. This is particularly important when speaking about social networks. So, no posts, pictures, tweets about cargo, or anything similar.

As you can see, there are measures you can take in order to ensure cargo security. And there is no excuse not to do so. Even though the company that is transporting your belongings has the responsibility to deliver the shipment, you need to be involved in securing your items as well. Especially if your cargo is going on a long road and there is no way to act fast in case of an emergency. Therefore, follow these tips, and use your common sense. Believe it or not, this way you will minimize the risk of any unpredicted situations that could cause you trouble. In case you want to move to Japan or ship some items across the Pacific Ocean, find a good and reliable international moving company in Japan for this job. Never make deals with shady and inexperienced companies, as you could easily encounter a big problem.

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