Tips to Save Money on Emergency Shipments

There are many reasons why you need to ship something. And there are even more tips on how to do it properly. You will need to plan everything, find a good freight company, pack, seal, and label shipment, and wait for it to come to the destination. And this shouldn’t be a problem if you do not have a deadline. But, what will you do in case you need to ship something as soon as possible? The last thing you need to do is panic. But, as you might already know, emergency shipments could cost you more than regular ones. That is why you need to know how to save money on emergency shipments. Good news is that this is possible if you know what to do. Here are some useful tips that will help you to organize an affordable emergency shipment.

Act cool in order to save money on emergency shipments

The first feeling that will overcome you is panic. Everyone panic when they need to do something in a hurry. But, that is also the first and the biggest mistake you can make. Therefore, the last thing you need to do is to panic. You need to stay calm in order to focus on the upcoming project – to ship your items as soon and as affordable as possible. You know that you will need to find a global cargo forwarding company. But, if they even suspect that you are under time pressure, they will try to use it to charge you more. And that is not the way to save money.

fragile label on the crate
The most important is to ship package fast

What you need to do is to act fast and smart. If you already shipped some items before, contact the very same company and ask them what they can offer you. Many companies are willing to lower the price for their old clients, so maybe that is something you can actually use. Try to negotiate the price, but do not let them see that you need this desperately. If you have any luck, you will be able to save money on emergency shipments this way.

Get as many quotes as possible

If this is the first time you are shipping something, you will need to find a forwarding company. But, as we mentioned before, they will try to use the fact that you are in the hurry. What you need to do is to get as many quotes as possible in short notice. Send emails, fill online requests, and make phone calls. Once you get at least three responses, you need to calculate which one will suit you best. Luckily, as competition is high, many forwarders are very prompt with this type of request. That will give you some leverage.

As soon as you have a few options, you will need to weigh a bit. Even though the main factor will be the delivery time, you need to include pricing in this calculation as well. As your main goal is to save money on emergency shipments, pricing will be very important. Now it is time to put your negotiation skill in good use. Get in touch with all of these companies and give them your offer. Sometimes, in order to acquire new clients, they are willing to lower the price.

man packing a box
Make sure you have enough arguments to negotiate

What you need to be careful about when doing this is to avoid international shipping scams. If the price is too low, that can be a sign that maybe you are dealing with a fraudulent company. And that is something you can’t risk with especially because this is an emergency. So, be smart and remember that if it sounds too good to be true then it probably is.

Size and weight are important if you want to save money on emergency shipments

One more important thing to remember is that pricing is calculated based on the size of the shipment. Therefore, you will need to make sure you are shipping only what is really necessary at the moment. In order to save money on emergency shipments, you need to reduce the size to the minimum. A small package international shipping will cost you less, and your job is to make it small. Therefore, think about the following things:

  • Do you really need to ship everything?
  • Can you divide package to several small ones?
  • Is it possible for you to ship one part now, and other later?
  • What are the consequences of not shipping the package at the moment?

If you have several options here, go for the most affordable one. You will need to think about the pros and cons of every option and decide on which one you will take. Remember that the final decision is yours, so try to include as many arguments as you can.

man calculating time and costs
Know your options and choose wisely

Make sure you fulfill the main goal

As you can see, it is possible to save money on emergency shipments. Therefore, if you need to ship something fast, do not be afraid that you’ll need to spend a ton of money. Keep in mind that there is always an alternative way, and your job is to find it. What you can’t afford is to show that you are in a hurry as that is the sign for freight companies to charge you more. The same tips and rules apply to relocation. If you need to move to Japan as soon as possible, you should apply the above tips when looking for a moving service Japan. If movers recognize that you have any type of emergency, you will lose your negotiation leverage. Therefore, stay calm, positive and focus on the right things. This way you will be able to ship anything in no time for reasonable pricing.

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