Tips to reduce air-sea freight forwarding expenses

Shipping goods overseas sounds expensive and complicated. When you think about your cargo traveling from one continent to another, it doesn’t sound cheap. On the contrary, this expedition seems quite expensive. That is especially the case if you own a business that includes sending often your cargo through shipping services. But nowadays, in the golden era of communications, when transportation of merchandise has evolved, no need to worry about it. There are ways to forward your shipments through air-sea forwarder without too much money spending. Luckily for you, we’ve got the right tips which will help you to reduce air-sea freight forwarding expenses.

Estimate the method of transportation to cut air-sea freight forwarding costs

There is no universal answer to the question which way of transportation is the best and the cheapest. The answer really depends on your needs and demands. That is why it is crucial to evaluate the mode of freight forwarding which best suits you. Take into consideration the common belief that sea freight forwarders are a cheaper option than air freight. That is especially the case for international shipping. On the other hand, if you move your belongings locally, shipping it by road or rail is a better option. Do research prior to deciding which shipping mode is the most convenient for your products.

Reduce air-sea fright forwarding by preparing.
Do thorough research on the pros and cons for each shipping method.

Calculate the cost and compare them

To begin with, get your cost estimate from different moving companies. Afterward, you can compare them and decide which one will save you money. So, in order to reduce air-sea freight forwarding expenses, there are a couple of things we recommend you start with.

  • Do research on alternate ways of shipping goods, such as air, sea and ground transportation. Sometimes, the best way is to make a combination of those three methods. Try to pull out the best from each method.
  • Find free cost estimate online– Every professional and reliable moving company offers this kind of service on their website. Getting a cost estimate online saves you a lot of time and gives you the right information.

Reduce air-sea freight forwarding expenses by shipping during the off-pick days

Of course, expenses of freight forwarding vary depending on the shipping days. For example, Mondays and Fridays are off-pick days for shipping freight.  On the other hand, Thursday is one of the most wanted days for shipping. The reason is quite simple. Most customers want to get their merchandise delivered before the weekend in order to put them on the shelves. The sale is definitely the most effective during the weekends, so that fact is reasonable.

Think about getting discounts. Possibilities are numerous to reduce freight forwarding costs

Enjoy the benefits as a regular customer

Every professional moving company knows how to respect and appreciate loyal customers. Hense, there are often so many different kinds of discounts for regular customers. It is likely that your carrier will offer you better conditions than to a new customer. If needed, remind them how long you have been using their services. Try building a good relationship with the shipping carrier, which will ultimately bring you a reliable long-term relationship. If you use their services frequently, consider getting a long-term contract in order to obtain a better rate. Some researches say that you can save up to 12 % as a regular customer, compared to standard pricing. That’s quite a good bargain.

Use the discount wisely.
Do thorough research on the pros and cons for each shipping method.

Hire carriers which are close to your ship-to points

If you decide on a carrier that is close to your shipping point, then you’ll probably get a lower rate. Reduce freight costs by reducing the miles. Try fitting into the route of a carrier, because that will lower the cost of your freight forwarding. In case you’re having second thoughts about all these shipping rules, we give you answers to common freight shipping doubts.

Think about shipping more products less often

Before you start packing your goods for freight forwarding, we would advise you to optimize your products for air shipment. This way, you will load less cargo and consequently lower the price. If you can, try shipping more goods, but less often. Carriers tend to ship smaller cargoes more often, which of course increases their expenses. Obviously, it is cheaper to ship twelve pallets at once than to send three pallets every two days.

Be careful when it comes to additional charges

Carriers offer other services than just driving. They can load or unload the cargo or make additional stops. These services are rarely included in your cost estimate. So, before you seal the deal, ask the company about all the additional fees. Also, carriers often offer wrapping pallets, which is one of the things you can carry out by yourself. Some of the most common extra expenses are:

  • Residential adjustments
  • Additional handling fees
  • Weight adjustments.

Mix and match in order to reduce air-sea freight forwarding expenses

There is a slight chance you can find a way of transporting your freight without a good strategy. That is why we recommend using a mix of transportation for relocating your goods. Adjust transportation to your needs. If you mix it properly, you can reduce the time and cost of your freight forwarding. Therefore, a good combination of air, sea and ground transportation is the key to reduce air-sea fright expenses.

Air-sea freight forwarding - a plane and a boat
It is very important to mix the means of transportation. That will reduce your freight forwarding expenses.

In this article, we presented you with the best tips to reduce air-sea freight forwarding expenses. The conclusion is that instead of picking one of the means of freight forwarding, try getting the best from each. At the same time, find all the discounts you can and don’t hesitate to ask for them. Hopefully, all these tips will steer you in the direction that is best for your next shipment. Good luck!

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