Tips to improve the delivery experience in 2020

With everything that is happening in the world, companies are looking for the best way to improve the delivery experience in 2020 for their customers. With the COVID-19 pandemic and the restrictions that follow, people have been ordering online more than ever. This is why improving the delivery experience is crucial to many companies who thrive in these conditions. With all the overseas shipping companies available, the item delivery rate has been rising each day.

a man in a red shirt delivering a package to a woman
The delivery process is very crucial for gaining new customers

Taking into consideration the needs of the customer is one way to bring them closer to you. That is why companies are working hard to understand the needs of their customers on a daily basis. Sometimes all it takes is a little gift of attention for the customer to feel appreciated.

Why is improving the delivery experience important?

Well, for obvious reasons. As we witness the technological advancements day by day, we cannot argue that the delivery service has also advanced in the past couple of years. With all the selling methods improving companies need to find a good way to stay in touch with the customers. Most importantly, they need to find a way to surprise or invoke delight with their delivery and execution. The ways of buying things have changed drastically in later years. Now, people simply go online, select the desired product, and click the purchase button. As simple as that.

a delivery man handing over a package to a woman
The delivery process is the face of the company and that is why it is important for it to be flawless

The advancement of internet technology has opened new ways for people to communicate, do business, buy, and sell among many other opportunities. This means that there will be new business competitors that you need to outsmart. With this in mind, we bring you some of the most important aspects of delivery that should be improved:

  • Provide succinct shipping options
  • Make delivery dates as precise as possible
  • Hire a team of people to work on delivery aspects
  • Personalize the delivery experience

With the goal to improve the delivery experience in 2020, companies should always put themselves in the customer’s shoes. Having another perspective into the whole delivery process can bring out new things to address in the future.

Provide succinct shipping options

A good shipping experience starts way before the product is even shipped. Having clear and simple shipping options for customers to choose is a great place to start. The last thing everyone wants is to create a confusing or frustrating delivery experience for the customers. This could potentially make the customer abandon or cancel the order. Providing clear and transparent information about the shipping process and the type of shipping will make it easier for the customer. With that in mind, having a clear and easy-to-work-with shipping option customers will have no issue knowing their way around the website.

Make delivery dates as precise as possible

It is no longer desirable to give an approximate evaluation of the estimated date of delivery (EDD) to customers. Providing exact dates of delivery to customers allows them to plan other things besides spending all day waiting for the delivery to come. Looking from a customer’s perspective this can be very frustrating. A standard five-to-seven days delivery dates incite more frustration than security. Being able to successfully pinpoint the exact day of the delivery can be very beneficial for the company.

By doing so you let the customer know that you care for their time and value their loyalty. It also sends a wider message that the company has a very professional approach to the delivery aspect.

Hire a team of people to work on delivery aspects

Another way to improve the delivery experience in 2020 is to hire a team of people who will be able to track the shipment and inform the customers. This step alone will transfer these logistics only to a special group of people whose job will be just that. These people can easily track the shipment status and inform customers about their whereabouts. Moreover, by having a team of people to work on this aspect alone can connect the customers directly to the company. This will provide more security and understanding from both sides of the transaction.

a woman working at customer service to improve delivery experience in 2020
Customer service can be in contact with both the customer and the carrier

Cargo export is something that can cause delays from time to time, so these teams can easily communicate back and forth between the customer and the carrier. These teams will specialize in communicating with the customers so it will signal the customer that they are being heard and, most importantly, understood.

Personalize the shipment to improve the delivery experience in 2020

Personalization is crucial if you want to provide an elevated delivery experience to your customers. Adapting the delivery method, based on the location, preference, and desired items, to a customer can only bring more benefits to the company in the future. Incenting the customer to buy a product with these methods is easy. They will feel more connected to the company. Moreover, they will realize that your company cares about their needs and that they are valued as a customer. Once the implementation of personalizing shipment starts, the customers will value the effort more each time they order. This method includes sending personalized notes in the package, adapting the delivery date to customers’ needs, giving extra items on a couple of deliveries made, etc.

In that case, although there are certain reasons why shipments might be late, the customer will have a full understanding of the delay and optionally agree to the best possible solution to the problem. However, as this personalization can be a bit complex and challenging it will certainly pay off in the long run. In order to improve the delivery experience in 2020, the company must understand the issues the customer is having. On top of that, you must offer them an appealing solution that will benefit both the company and the customer.


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