Tips on Packing Fine Art for International Relocation

Packing fine art for international relocation is a serious and susceptible job. You should pay attention to a few essential things. Moving internationally is always hard for many people. Even moving companies could reject it in case they evaluate it as hard. On the other hand, you can learn it and organize it if you know the rules. There are a few reasons why you should do it very carefully.

  • Packing fine art for international relocation is hard because of their value – most of them are expensive and represent precious items;
  • They are most sensitive, meaning very hard for packing – you must invest in expensive packing materials, which is also available for these situations in every moving company;
  • There are pieces of art that are fragile – mostly sculptures, so you should organize packing and protect very carefully;
  • When packing of these pieces is about usually you must follow the legislation – luckily, there are great sea freight forwarders that know rules and could help you;
  • For most people, these pieces represent parts of their life that they are emotionally connected with – so you must pack them with special care and attention.

Packing fine art for moving is not impossible, though. There are a few fundamental rules and guides that you should follow. In case you are still not sure in, ask professionals for help. People who work in galleries and saloons know that packing could be challenging. However, it does not mean that you should not take them with you when moving.

Ceramic dish
Firstly define if your pieces are fine art or not

Preparation for packing fine art for international relocation

Any time when you pack sensitive items for moving, you should prepare carefully. However, the packing of fine art demands a few serious rules. You should know how to organize moving and pack in special packing materials. There are a lot of helpers on the market for this purpose. Companies that make packing material have specialized packing of sensitive items. It is good to research it and prepare for this carefully.

Define what is an art and how expensive it is

Although we respect all we have got from our family, not everything is a fine art. On the other hand, there are a lot of pieces of furniture that we do not know the value of it. We have mirrors with expensive frames or old chandeliers that have a high value. It is good to estimate their value before moving. International air freight forwarders will help you with packing later.

Measure size

It is not important if your piece of art is small or large. Most of them, especially sculptures, do not have a clear shape. It is essential to have all information about it before hiring a moving company. Global forwarding works with special rules and legislation. Especially the size of every piece goes under that rule.

Prepare for packing

It is best if you can ask professionals how to pack your piece of art for moving. In most cases, they would love to explain how to protect your items properly. Not only people in moving company are professional, though. You can ask workers in art galleries. If it is possible, ask the artist that has made it.

Check the legislation

Packing fine art for moving is not the only you need to inform about. If you move pieces of art internationally, you must know the law. In most cases, you should have a document that proves your ownership.

Mona Lisa
Galleries have special procedure on how to pack and transport fine art

Take insurance

There are a lot of types of insurance coverage for fine art. You should choose the best one for your situation. However, do not even start with packing before having insurance for fine art.

Packing fine art for international relocation is not the same as in other situations

It is important to know that the packing of fine art is not the same as usual. Although you will always pay attention to protection. You should know that there are special packing materials and packages for it. Also, you should pack them, so allow customs clearance to investigate what is inside. If you are not sure is, ask professionals in moving companies.

Do not save on packing materials

When you have common stuff for moving, you can take a risk with different packing materials. You can use used boxes or pillows for protection. However, when packing fine art for relocation, you should be seriously careful. Those are very expensive, so you will pay much more if something damage during transportation.

Crate large and valuable items

Moving companies use crating for large pieces of furniture. However, if you have large pieces of art, you should pack them with this method, too. It will protect it and surely save time on packing. In some cases, companies have special legislation about it.

Use the wooden crate for pictures

There is a special type of packing for paintings. Companies use it to pack them properly and save during long transportation. The best thing is that you can put more than one panting there. You and use it for mirrors, too.

You should learn how to prepare paintings for transport

Protection when packing fine art for international relocation

Although it is sensitive and fragile, it is not impossible to pack fine art. There are a lot of materials for protection on the market. Some of them you will use in any other packing. However, there are materials that you must not use for fine art. Those are mostly plastic wrapping that could damage pieces of art inside.

Hire a professional moving company

Do not risk with poor and moving companies that are not rated well on the internet. You need the best you can in this field. So, research well and find the company that gives you the best impression. The best is to find a company that has long experience, especially in this type of moving.

Rent a storage

Some countries have a special rule about customs clearance when fine art is about. You will not be able to take your items week or two after moving. If you have a large piece of art, you can seriously damage it in some office at the airport. The best is to rent storage temporarily. Otherwise, even the most professional packing fine art for international relocation is worthless.

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