Tips on packing and shipping fragile items

Preparing for a move can be tough, but packing and shipping fragile items can be tougher. You need to be extra careful with fragile items. Fragile items get easily broken. These delicate items, from glassware to antiques can be made of any material. They could be made from crystals and ceramics. And they need extra attention when packing and shipping them. Moving isn’t easy. Especially if you have to pack and ship fragile items. So be prepared to pack and ship them properly. Being properly prepared means that packing and shipping breakable items will be much easier. In the further text, we will show you what packing materials to use, how to protect fragile items and how best to ship them. Also, we will give you some tips on overseas shipping.

Make a list of your collections when packing and shipping fragile items

If you are an organized person then you already know that making a list of your collections will ease your move. If you are not the least you can do is make a list. Why? Because it will help you stay focused. And it will help you remember everything. Also, it will help you in checking when all your collections arrive at their destination. If you have a storage it might be a good thing to store fragile items there and move them later, when all the other stuff have been already moved. It is important to separate items when moving. Don’t mix them because you don’t want to put together some precious glassware with some things from the bedroom or living room. There is a high probability that you won’t be able to move all of your stuff at once. This is why having a list is highly important.

Make a list when packing and shipping fragile items
Make a list when packing and shipping fragile items

Use best packing materials when packing

Choosing the best packing materials when it comes to packing and shipping fragile items is very important. For starters, you must use packing tape. It is very useful when it comes to securing boxes. A properly sized box with the right dimensions for a fragile item will help safely transport the product. Be sure to use bubble wrap in multiple layers if you think the item is very delicate. Packing peanuts can be used to fill in any voids. The best way to use them is to fill the bottom of the box then put an item on it then fill the void with the rest of packing peanuts. Also, you could use airbags for filling the empty space in a box. These are great for items with sharp edges. Use corrugated inserts to strengthen the package and increase its durability.

Fragile glass
Use the best packing materials to protect fragile items

Shipping fragile items

To start shipping fragile object you have to pack it very carefully. The object in the shipping box must be protected with an adequate amount of packing materials. Research couriers and cargo exporters and select the best one for you. Check their insurance policy to minimize the risks during transportation. Usually, you will have two options. You can take full coverage for damaged and lost items. Or you can take insurance just for lost items. Select one item based on how valuable it is and the distance it’s being shipped. If you are shipping it locally insurance coverage might not be required. But if you are shipping it overseas, then full coverage should be included in your deal. It might be expensive. But you are paying the price so you don’t have to think if your stuff is going to be handled properly.

Packing and shipping fragile items overseas

Packing and shipping fragile items internationally require special care. Be sure to always determine the value of the items accurately. Always consider customs duties and import taxes when shipping delicate items overseas. Moreover, you must always check the cost of legal paperwork and other charges. Different countries have different rules. So you must always check if the shipped items are not prohibited in that country. Always choose adequate insurance coverage before shipping. Maybe finding a good courier with pickup and delivery services will make your life a lot easier. Off course, in today’s age, everything can be scheduled online. You should schedule your shipment online to save a lot of time and effort on your part. It might be easier to use international air freight forwarders but the precautions stay the same.

Europe countries
Always consider customs duties and import taxes when shipping overseas

Responsibilities of the forwarder

The job of the freight forwarder is to arrange all about cargo moving from one destination to another. They must prepare and process the documents for international freight forwarding. Also, they must review the documents required by the destination country and it must review them in electronic format. Moreover, their responsibility is to establish communication with the other participants in the international freight forwarding process. There are also international conventions that have specified the responsibilities of carriers:

  • They must provide the CMR insurance
  • Notify the user before the transportation begins
  • Compliance with the requirements of the convention for ADR forwarding of dangerous cargo
  • Compliance with the requirements for transportation of oversize loads for the countries through which the forwarding route passes.

Packing and shipping fragile items done right

So, let us recapitulate what is important when you are in need of packing and shipping fragile items. First, make a list off all the things that are important to you. Especially if you have fragile items that can be broken easily. For this reason, you need to do everything you can to protect those fragile items. Don’t be shy and use everything you can to protect your items. Use bubble wraps and airbags. Find packing boxes that are a perfect match for the item that you are protecting. In this way, you will do everything in your power to protect them. Everything else is the transporter responsibility. So make sure that you choose the right one.

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