Tips for students moving to Japan in 2022

When you are about to move to a whole different part of the planet, you can be really overwhelmed and emotions will be involved. This is the very hard part of your life. With all the obligations that you have and all the tasks that need to be done, moving overseas is really stressful. So, in order to make your relocation as easy as possible, you should consider hiring Kokusai Express Japan, one of the best companies in this field. Students moving to Japan in 2022 should be well prepared for this experience.

Interesting facts about Japan

Japan has many traditions and it represents the cultural resident. It has some of the best economic and technological centers. But the most interesting fact is that Japan has something to show you every time you visit it. Do not think that you will be able to see and do every single activity there just by one visit. 

It is the 11th biggest country when it comes to population. With this many people, Japan is leading in so many areas, such as education and job opportunities. And since we are talking about people in Japan, you should know that the Japanese live the longest in the entire world. We are not sure whether it is because of the food they are eating, which is exquisite. Or it has something to do with a fact that they really respect their tradition.

In the capital city Tokyo, you can see and do all kinds of stuff and a great amount of diversity here. People here are known as friendly and very polite, so any students moving to Japan in 2022 will have no problem fitting in. By hiring some of the best overseas shipping companies, the student will be relocated in no time and can start their new exciting part of life.

tree with flowers for students moving to japan in 2022 to see
Japan has a very rich culture and tradition.

Things students moving to Japan in 2022 should know

There are too many things that need to be done before relocating to Japan. By researching the culture and for example the weather, students will be a step closer to deciding which items they will pack and which they will leave in their home. This is an important decision because they would like to hire and rent cargo export as soon as possible. If they want their relocation to go smoothly.

The main thing they will need is a student visa

The one thing that University should provide you is COE. But be careful. That is not a visa. It is just a document that will help you and allow you to apply for a visa. Once you get it, your passport will be taken. This is important now because you should not plan on traveling during that period. While you are wanting for your visa to be approved, you may look for a warehousing service and how to rent one. You will be in need of this type of service because they might not be enough time for you to unpack and start college.

Students moving to Japan in 2022, while waiting for visas, can start learning Japanese

Studying Japanese is very hard. It is not the type of language where you can learn just by listening. By learning it every day, you might be able to catch something. This is important because you do not want to be overwhelmed once you start your lectures. It will be a huge help if you look at the kanji every day on every store or board because it will help you later. Besides, no one says that Japanese will know your language and maybe you will have a very hard time communicating with your roommate or neighbor.

How to speed learning language?

Join in as many activities as you can. This will not only help you learn the language. It will help you make friends and try to find the most suitable person and place to spend your free time. Plus, if you quickly find some friends, it will be easier to deal with homesickness.

person holding brush
Students moving to Japan in 2022 should start learning kanji as soon as possible.

Do some research about the area you will be living and studying

Before you land in Japan, it is good that you are familiar with the place that will be your home for the next couple of years. By researching the area, you can avoid some unpleasant situations, like being late for your class. The other unpleasant stuff can be that you had the most amazing meal, but you did not realize that you are in the most expensive restaurant. If you are able, book your flight card two or three days earlier. And just have one on one time with Japan. 

Should students that are moving to Japan in the 2022 pack?

This is a common question. Of course, you should pack. You might even want to pack some of your favorite items from your hometown or a country. But be careful about the number of your items. Try not to overpack. You will definitely buy too many items once you arrive in Japan. One of the biggest pieces of advice you can get is next: If there is something to buy in Japan easily, do not pack it.  This means that all the unnecessary clothing, toiletries, etc. are not something that you should bother packing. If there are any papers or books that you need to bring along, try to put them on your laptop and make room in your suitcase for some other stuff.

person in yellow coat with a yellow suitcase
Students moving to Japan in 2022 should not overpack.

Being a student in Japan is hard. If you have made a decision to move overseas and learn something in Japan, you better be ready. The culture is very different and specific. Make sure that you learn something about it. In order not to defend anyone. Of course, it will not be on purpose, but it will be very unpleasant. Students moving to Japan in 2022 should be aware of the fact that after the excitement is gone, they are probably going to be homesick, so finding a friend quickly will sure help them a lot. Good luck everyone.

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