Tips for shipping medical equipment overseas

International shipping is always a challenge, but shipping medical equipment overseas requires special attention and preparation.  Medical equipment is extremely sensitive. There are usually special environment requests such as determined temperature range, and humidity. Most equipment is fragile and expensive and has a short expiry date. There are special package requests, export and import documents,  insurance, etc. International shipping of medical supplies seems like a hard task to achieve, yet with the right and reliable international shipping company and a few crucial steps to follow, your valuable medical equipment will arrive in perfect condition.

If you are in the process of shipping medical equipment overseas, there are a few things you should do prior to sending your equipment. The first steps before shipping your medical equipment overseas are:

  1. Plan ahead
  2. Find a reliable shipping company for medical equipment
  3. Choose air or sea freight for medical equipment shipping

This can be a daunting task, but with the right preparation, it can be done without any problems. Just follow these simple steps and your equipment will travel safely.

Medical equipment, monitor.
Shipping medical equipment overseas requires special attention and preparation.

Plan ahead for shipping medical equipment overseas

The perfect plan includes every step of the shipping process. Planning ahead gives you enough time to research, choose the best international shipping company, learn about all medical and shipping protocols for equipment, choose the right way to ship, learn about proper packing and labeling, find the best insurance and make sure your medical equipment arrives safe and ready to use. Making the plan and preparing everything required for medical equipment shipping will save you time, reduce the risks and help you avoid any delays or inconveniences.

Find a reliable shipping company

Medical equipment and supplies are specified in several ways. Most of it is extremely fragile and expensive. There are certain storage conditions for sensitive equipment and supplies. Having this in mind, the most important part of shipping medical supplies internationally is finding the right shipping company.  A professional and reliable moving company is not that hard to find. Do some research and pay attention to services the company offers, reviews, experience, etc. Especially look for their experience in transporting medical equipment. Someone experienced will save you time and money and make sure your valuable equipment arrives safely.

An experienced moving company, such as Kokusai Express Japan will help you not only safely transport medical equipment overseas but will know how to properly package your precious items, and how to prepare papers for international shipping which is very important with sensitive items, because border delays may cause damage in equipment while hospitals and patients can’t wait for supplies.

Choose air or sea freight forwarders 

There are a few crucial factors to have in mind when deciding how to ship medical equipment overseas. One of the most important considerations is whether to choose air or sea freight forwarders. Air freight is generally more expensive than shipping by sea. However, it is also faster and your equipment will spend less time in transit. This can be important if you are shipping medical supplies that have a short shelf life or need to be delivered urgently.

  • Time
  • Control
  • Environment
  • Expense

If medical supplies and equipment have a limited lifespan or there is an urgent need for equipment,  air freight forwarders are the obvious choice. It may be more expensive however, some medical supplies can’t wait for weeks to be delivered by sea as it will cause a loss of effectiveness.  In such cases, air freight is the perfect balance of speed, cost, and safety, especially for temperature and humidity-sensitive medical supplies and equipment.

Airplane flying over containers for sea freight shipping
One of the most important considerations is whether to choose air or sea freight forwarders

Some medical equipment can exceed the size of air cargo or can be prohibited from air shipping. In such cases or if speed is not the crucial factor the best choice would be sea freight forwarders.  Special containers can provide a perfect environment – temperature control for sensitive medical supplies, special materials to prevent humidity, safety, and space for large pieces of medical equipment.

The procedure for shipping medical equipment overseas

If you are in the medical field and have equipment that needs to be shipped overseas, you need to know the proper procedure for doing so. There are many things to consider when shipping medical equipment, such as what type of equipment it is and where it is going, packaging, and insurance. Here are a few steps of the procedure to follow when shipping medical equipment.

  • Evaluation of medical equipment
  • Packaging of medical equipment
  • Paperwork for shipping
  • Insurance and tracking

Evaluation of medical equipment 

Before shipping medical equipment it is necessary to do an evaluation of it. First, you need to check the condition of the equipment – if everything is working, if there are any damages, parts that are not working and document all of them. Once it arrives it will be fast and easy to check it again and see if there are shipping damages.  Second, make a list of everything you are moving and shipping overseas. Respectable overseas shipping companies will do that but you should have your own inventory list.

Packaging of medical equipment 

When shipping medical equipment items packing is an important step. Such specific cargo requires specific packaging. Sometimes it will have to be tailored packing – custom crates built especially for your equipment. This can increase the cost of shipping but sometimes it is the only way to ensure safety. You should consider investing in permanent packaging, like ATA cases. These are cases that can be reused several times and ensure the best protection.

The shipping method is important to keep in mind when choosing the right packing materials. If shipping via sea freight you will have to invest in materials that keep humidity from equipment. Several layers of materials and protection are required with such sensitive items, so planning ahead and investing in packing is necessary to be sure your equipment will be delivered without damage.

Paperwork for shipping medical equipment overseas

Shipping medical equipment overseas requires proper paperwork. There are certain laws for international shipping and both export and import countries have their own laws and regulations for sensitive items shipping. Make sure to research and follow any custom, export, and import regulations as failing in any of them can lead to border delays, damages, or even some legal consequences and paying fines. Every custom agency can reject the entrance, so be sure that doesn’t happen because you’ve missed some important document or paperwork.

Document folder and glasses
Shipping medical equipment overseas requires proper paperwork

Insurance and tracking 

Even if you’ve done everything to make your shipment secure and properly packed, there is always a risk something unpredictable will happen and cause damage to your equipment. Consider the budget, equipment value, and possible risk in shipping when deciding on the best insurance policy  

Also, make sure you can track your shipment. A good company will provide tracking so you can be sure where your precious cargo is at every moment.

The arrival of the medical equipment 

When preparing for shipping medical equipment overseas always keep in mind that once it arrives it will have to be opened and used as soon as possible. Be sure to follow medical protocols and make it easy for them to unpack and use. If the package is heavy,  organize that ramps, wheels, or other necessary support wait at arrival for quick and safe unloading. Make sure to send all important accessories in one container to avoid confusion or additional delays upon arrival.

Shipping medical equipment overseas looks challenging. But, make sure you follow these simple steps and procedures. That will ensure your medical equipment arrives in good condition and is ready to use.

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