Tips for shipping agriculture machinery overseas

So, you’re looking to ship some of your agriculture machinery overseas. This might sound like a difficult thing to do, but it isn’t. With the help of a reliable moving company like Kokusai Express Japan and our tips, you will be able to have a smoothly do everything. Shipping agriculture machinery is not something that happens all too often, but it doesn’t have to involve any stress. That’s why we suggest that you read through our guide with attentiveness. You most probably don’t have any experience with this, which is only natural. We will make sure that you know everything there is to know. Here are some of our useful tips.

Shipping agriculture machinery overseas is easier with professional help

First and foremost, you will want to hire an international moving company. When you are shipping locally or over long distances, you can try and do everything on your own. But, if you are shipping internationally, we simply don’t recommend that you do this, especially if you don’t have any experience. Having professional help will tremendously assist you with your shipment, as you won’t have to think about many things. You will be able to relax while professionals commit themselves to helping you out.

A mover helping people in shipping agriculture machinery
Shipping agriculture machinery is easier with an international moving company that can help you with the shipment.


When you are looking to use sea freight forwarders to ship your agriculture machinery, it’s incredibly important that you consider your budget limitations first. These kinds of transport require a lot of money, and they are not cheap at all. Make sure that you can afford everything without putting yourself in debt, as that is something you will most definitely want to avoid doing. Considering your budget limits is very important with any sort of shipping maneuver. There are many things that you’ll have to pay for, so make sure that you have enough money on your hands.

Selecting a reliable shipping company

As we have already said that you should look for overseas shipping companies, we also need to say that you should try and hire the most reliable company out there. In order to do so, we recommend that you consider the online reviews of a specific company that you are looking to hire. They are a great tool and they can assist you in avoiding unreliable companies.  Take your time while you are reading online reviews, and try not to skip any.

A calculator
Make sure that you can afford everything before you start shipping.

Disassembling your machinery

When you are shipping agriculture machinery, you will need to disassemble it first. Just like with furniture when you are moving locally or over long distances, disassembling your machinery will allow it to be “packed” in shipping containers. This is something we recommend that you do on your own if you have the necessary skills to do so. If you don’t, then you should rely on professional help from your shipping company. Keep in mind that this is also going to cost you more money.


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