Tips for Seniors Moving Abroad

There are many advantages for seniors moving abroad. They are free and can change the time schedule as they want. On the other hands, they can travel all around the world. The most important, they can buy a house literally everywhere in the world. That is why they are so interesting for rental agencies. There are many reasons for seniors to move abroad:

  • They can meet new people whenever they want;
  • It is great when you can learn a language with that language speakers;
  • There are many researching that claim that moving and traveling effect on health in a good way;
  • Seniors moving abroad can still travel and discover new places and people.

Even when you moved abroad, you should not stop there. You can research and find a new place for life. As the matter of fact, most seniors that moved abroad are opened to new countries and travel a lot after moving.

One of the seniors moving abroad
Seniors love nature and fresh air

Obligations by the government for seniors moving abroad

There are few things that seniors moving abroad should fulfill before changing the country. Even though they do not have obligations towards work, they must follow the law. Some countries demand special visas, while others accept everybody that has a regular monthly income.

Research and explore

It is not hard to research literally every topic nowadays. Thanks to the internet, you can talk with people all over the world. Ask them for advice or experience when moving abroad. Some of the interesting resources are International living and Escape Artists. These sites have seniors moving abroad among members.

Ask for visa and citizenship

There are very strict rules about visa when is Japan about. There are three types of visa for expats in Japan. You can get a one-year visa for work. There is spouse-visa after marriage with a Japanese citizen. Finally, there is a permanent citizen visa. This type actually only appeals to seniors moving abroad. You can demand that visa after you came there. After six months they will check you and your life in Japan. Those checks happen occasionally for 10 years. After that, you are included in the procedure for regular citizen visa. It includes a test about Japanese culture and history.

Health care

There are special types of health care for seniors moving abroad. As you know, seniors are older people so they could have problems with health more likely than younger people. That fact is the most important for every health insurance in the world. That is why you should check with the agencies firstly about new health care in Japan. You can use public and private healthcare. However, healthcare is very professional in Japan.

Hands of older person in young person's hand
Public healthcare is great in Japan

Check the cost of living

Unfortunately, Japan is a very expensive country. Their cost of living is among the highest in the world. Do not afraid of that, thus. You can also ask for advice on forums and social network. Japanese people are very economical. They mostly care about the environment and water and energy savings. You can also learn to save money on food. The best is to eat where local people eat and learn to cook. When it comes to furniture, there are numerous air-sea forwarders in Japan. You can move your old furniture with you.


Even though seniors moving abroad have a regular monthly income, the bank has its own rules. The reason is US taxes that prevents hiding assets for US citizens. You should ask in your bank and in Japan for best resolution. You can also have savings in their banks, but with special conditions.

Buying a house

It is obvious that seniors moving abroad should have a home in Japan. However, you should check their legislation about foreign that own houses. They actually have no limitation about that. On the other hand, their flats and condos in cities are very small and expensive. It is better to rent one of them or live in small towns.

Social security

Social security is very important for seniors moving abroad. You can use social security from the US, or choose one of they have in Japan. The only important is to know legislation and rights.


You may already travel to Japan so many times and know the destination. However, it could be stressful when final moving to Japan comes. Make sure that you have prepared everything like in every other traveling.

Pack only essentials

You should have only essential things in your bag when travel. Do not worry about stuff and cargo. Kokusai Express can ensure a smooth international relocation. It will make your traveling less stressful and easier.

Prepare cash with you when traveling

Japanese people do not love credit cards. Even they do, you cannot know when you will need cash. It is the simplest to have it with you, in the pocket. However, be careful at stations and airport with money in the pocket.

Old man paints
When moving in finished you can enjoy in your retirement

First days

Seniors moving abroad do not worry about living in Japan. They usually worry about how to get there. Final destination and life there is out of mind. However, these days are very important and stressful. Make sure that you have prepared properly.

Research the place where you will live

You can use the best international moving company in Japan, but they cannot help you to get know with people. You will have your stuff and furniture with you. It depends on you how you will get know with the people, thus. Make sure that you have researched the place where you will live properly. It includes nature, parks, streets but also people’s habits.

Join clubs and society

Even though Japan is big, you can meet people from your country there, too. Use the internet to find people that live there. However, do not contact other seniors moving abroad only. You should connect with people that are born there. The best things are to make small friendships. Talk with the people at the grocery store, join the gym. If you want to learn the language, sign up in the library or book club.

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