Tips for moving to a bigger office in Japan

Nowadays our business productivity depends on the organization of office space. At the same time, both general indications play a role such as volume, illumination, and openness of space. As well as the smallest details of the design which can inspire and be motivating. Moving to a bigger office in Japan can be quite an improving decision for everyone. Also, keep in mind that the view from the office is very important. It’s not the same to work when you look at some boring and grey view, and when you have some bright landscape in front of you.

Some companies now don’t even offer a private office, which can’t be really good for work and company boost. Moving to a bigger office in Japan can help both you and the company you are working for. Therefore, it is very important to create the most comfortable environment for employees. Moving service Japan can help you out with the relocation and safety of your office supplies while moving.

Why is moving to a bigger office in Japan important for you?

Firstly, your main reason to move to a bigger office in Japan would be to improve your work and productivity. Working in a well-designed and cozy office boosts your motivation and willingness to work. Secondarily, by moving to a bigger office, you won’t improve yourself only, but the company as well. You will feel more confident and have more passion. Relocating to Japan can bring a lot of positive experiences for you.

Man and a woman successfuly working together.
Moving to a bigger office in Japan is important for your company and you since it boosts your motivation to work.

To realize that you need this kind of change in your life, start by finding the mistakes in your current working space. Not enough space, right? Boring colors, the same monotone view all day, and uncomfortable furniture. No sound isolation. All of these are just some superficial reasons why you should be relocating to a bigger office in Japan. 

Do your research

Before your final decision about moving, you need to do some research first. There are many possibilities and it is not really easy to decide where to move. You can follow some tips in order to be sure that you made a good decision:

  • List all the locations you are interested in one paper
  • For each location, find the offers for offices in your budget
  • From those offices, see which one suits you the most
  • Ask about reviews and feedback
  • Find the moving company that can help you out with the moving
  • Do the calculations and see is if everything fits
  • If yes, then you are ready to start moving to a bigger office in Japan!

Kokusai Express Japan can help with giving you information and moving. You can tell them your ideas and needs, and they will make sure to find the perfect fit for you and your work!

Close up picture of office supplies and material.
Keep in mind that most of the day you spend in your office!

Visit new places

When you find that perfect office in every way for your move, keep in mind that first of all, you should visit it. Not everything we see on the internet is the same as in real life. Go there and see for yourself if that is the place where you wanna continue working. When checking out a new place, think about your furniture and its size, to see if everything can fit in your new office and still have some needed space for you. Consider the view, and do you enjoy it. Don’t worry if the colors inside are dark and boring, you can always change that.

If you are worried about how to transfer all the furniture and office supplies on your own, remember that there are many project cargo possibilities. They can help you with transferring to a bigger office in Japan without any problem for sure.

Making a deal

When a suitable place has been found and you are sure that moving here will be the best solution for the development of your company, it is time to move on to the deal. Discuss all the details with the landlord and carefully study all the documents. Be careful and approach the deal with the greatest possible concentration – after all, moving to a large office is an important moment in the life cycle of any company. Once you know how big your budget is, you can easily discuss the prices.

Be sure that you read the official agreement that you are about to sign many times with caution and that you understood it. Before signing it, ask yourself one last time – is this the bigger office in Japan where I want to move? If your answer is yes, then you are ready to go!

Moving to a bigger office in Japan!

Finally, the place has been chosen, the deal is done – it’s time to move on to moving to a bigger office. The project cargo can help with these. When you move, be responsible when choosing the items you want to see in your new office. You should not transport outdated furniture, equipment that does not work perfectly – try to create the most comfortable environment in a new place. You may want to look for new décor items that will better match the color scheme of your new office. Absolutely, the new and harmonious decor will delight your employees and increase their productivity.

Work office with black and white decorative details.
Having the possibility to design your office is a plus.

Settle in and decorate

The decoration is the first step you want to do when moving to a bigger office in Japan. First what you should do is choose the colours for your walls and paint your new office. Now, bring all the pictures and posters that you like and you feel will be nicely suited in there. Since you hired a moving company to bring you your desired furniture, you can ask for help with the arrangement. If you forgot to bring some important office supplies with you, don’t stress out, you can always order new office supplies online.

Now, when everything is completely done, you can easily sit back in your comfortable chair with a cup of tea and enjoy your view from your bigger office in Japan where you moved. You can work with less stress and more inspiration. Now be sure that you can do anything!


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