Tips for cleaning your household before relocation

Maybe you are among the people questioning whether cleaning your household before relocation is necessary. After a long preparation, organizing, and packing, the last we want is to clean the mess that leaves us behind. Especially if we know that somebody else will live there after us, however, you should not be that uncultured. Although the unknown family will live in our home after us, we should show our hostility and good manners. It should not be that difficult to organize cleaning, though. Thanks to the professionals in Kokusai Express Japan, you will end up packing and moving much earlier than you have planned, which leaves time for cleaning.

Why is cleaning your household before relocation that important?

Although you have too many things to do these days, cleaning is one of the things that you should plan. Some people think that they should leave the mess to the new family, because of the hurry and a lot of work. On the other hand, they think the new family will make a new mess while moving in, so why bother with this job? However, there are reasons why this is important.

A cleaning tool
Cleaning your household before relocation is a sign of good manners

Cleaning is a sign of good manners

No matter if you want to show your good behavior and manners, it is good to leave a good and clean space behind you. People who will come thereafter, you will surely make a new mess. They will need to clean the whole space again. It would be much easier for them to come to the cleaned space, even if they get dirty again. However, it would be easier for them to clean after the dirt they made. International movers Japan would easily help them unpacking, so they only need to organize the cleaning.

Cleaning helps in creating a new order

Everybody lives in their homes by habits, occasions, and daily duties. We organize our home, following the daily order and assignments. Once when we used the same layout, we hardly changed it until we relocated. Leaving the same mess in the house means leaving the same layout to the new owners. They would love to change it, and it demands time and effort. For those reasons, it would be better to clean the mess and leave a really empty space. You will get all the needed help from professional overseas moving companies.

How to clean the old house

Cleaning the house where we live is much easier. We have our order, and following it, we easily clean per usage and per room. However, when leaving the house, we should create a completely new order and clean by them. It presumes cleaning per usage and level of dirtiness. If you have items that you cannot get rid of yet, professional warehouse companies Japan will help you.

Deep kitchen cleaning

Regardless of how often we have used cooking in our kitchen, it is the most used room in the house. Even if we cook coffee in the morning and nothing else, we often come into the kitchen. For those reasons, we should start with cleaning it.

  • Start from the supplies, which are the dirtiest parts in the kitchen;
  • Cleaning your household before relocation should include cleaning the walls and tiles in the kitchen;
  • End with cleaning the countertop where the most food and dirt is.
You should deep clean your kitchen before moving

Clean the bathroom

Although the bathroom is always dirty and we spend time cleaning it often, we do not clean it detailed each time. Moving is a great opportunity for cleaning the bathroom so you can leave it clear and shiny. The key is in detailing scrub of each part, behind the toilet, bath, and sink. Learn how to remove hard water stains, too. You will need to use special chemicals for odor and stains and unplug the pipes. If you have parts that are loose or broken, fix them before starting with the cleaning.

Basement and attic

Regardless you have used to put items in the basement, or if somebody lived there, you need to leave it clean and in order. The easiest is to put items in storage, but you can also sell or donate them. More important, you should not leave old items in the house, because the new owners will need a long time to get rid of them. On the other hand, you will have a great time searching for the new items you have used and memories hidden in the corners of the house.

Wash windows

Whether you have left curtains or not, your windows are full of dirt and will surely be after the packing and moving. After removing items and curtains, glasses will be more visible, and all stains and dirt will be right on the front of the eyes. So, prepare for cleaning, which should not take too long, but it could make the whole impression better. You can use vinegar before cleaning to remove stains and then wipe with the dry mop.

Do not forget to leave a repaired house to the new owners

Nobody will find fault with leaving a house that is not painted or with old tiles in the bathroom. But, you can fix small broke on the walls or loosen nails on the furniture. New owners expect to find a house without broken glass or door hands. You can do it fast and without too much effort.

A cleaning tool
It is important to show that you respect the new owners of the house

Put new light balls

Maybe sounds weird, but you should leave new light balls to the new owners. They will be thankful, and it will make the job much easier. Just imagine how difficult it is to take out all items from the boxes and, along with cleaning your household before relocation, show your good manners. Let’s hope that the old owners of your new home will have the same interests as you.

Remove all loosened parts

No matter if it is a broken chair or loosened nail, you will need to clean the mess and fix all you can. Those are small problems that should not cause a bit of trouble to be resolved. The most important is to make a living in the new home much more comfortable and attractive. It is possible only if you use a good manner, a good tool, and have a will to make the new home comfortable for new owners. It is why cleaning your household before relocation is important and makes life easier.


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