Things you should not forget to pack if moving to Japan

Japan, a land of diversity, is expecting your arrival open-handed. Before the actual move, make sure to study the culture and its customs. Not to mention, be ready for the actual process of relocation. Find a professional moving company. Create a detailed plan. Moreover, consider the things you should not forget to pack. After all, Japan is a unique country. Surely, there are a number of differences compared to your native country. Thus, be thorough.

What are the things you should not forget to pack?

Packing is a demanding process. Make sure to create an inventory list when moving to Japan. Also, don’t overpack. Decide what you truly need. Still, there are certain items you must pack.

Power adaptors

If Japan is your destination it would be wise to pack power adaptors. Of course, some equipment can work in Japan. Still, don’t stick the plug too early. First, check if that’s possible. Otherwise, this can cause damage to your equipment. Therefore, take at least three adaptors.

A variety of clothing

Make sure to bring enough clothes for distinct seasons. Still, a much bigger problem is the correct size. Japanese people are known as slim. Some large shops such as Uniqlo offer diverse clothing. However, the sizes are usually small, medium, and large. There’s no range of sizes some shops in the US have.  Moreover, the same situation is with shoes. Those with large feet will have trouble finding the correct size.

someone packing clothes in a box
Opt for a variety of clothing when packing. Especially if having problems with sizing.

Slip-on footwear

Believe it or not, it’s essential to bring this footwear. Japanese take off and on their shoes when entering houses and put on slippers. Well, you’ll need to do that too. Also, this is common in restaurants and in some workplaces.


Among the things to pack last when moving, don’t forget the medicines. Indeed, these are belongings you are to pack. Of course, there are drug stores in Japan. Still, you need to know the language well. Also, medicines differ in ingredients. Thus, bring common medicines.

  • ibuprofen
  • aspirin
  • paracetamol
  • antihistamines


What you need to know is that toiletries differ significantly. For instance, deodorants aren’t strong. Toothpaste has lower quantities of fluoride. Hence, bring your own cosmetics and makeup.

things you should not forget to pack are the toiletries on a shelf
Pay attention to the things you should not forget to pack. Choose the toiletries you really need. Especially if you have sensitive skin.

Important documents

Let your possessions be transported by international freight forwarding. Still, take your documents with you. Also, make copies of them. They should always be by your side.

Pack necessary items and enjoy Japan

All in all, devote your time to prepare for the moving process. Especially the packing. Also, be aware of the things you should not forget to pack. There are things you need to have in Japan. Get familiar with cultural differences. Good preparation will ease up your life in Japan. Hence, stay organized. Enjoy all the beauties in Japan.

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