Things you should never try to ship overseas

There is a very important list of the things you should never try to ship overseas. The list contains dangerous and flammable items, but also items that some countries do not allow. If you are not sure what is allowed and what is not, contact the shipping company which must know these regulations. A professional moving company like Kokusai Express Moving has all-important licenses and knows the regulations. However, if you ship your items you should read the company’s international shipping regulations and the regulations of the destination country.

Which are forbidden items for transporting?

There are items that companies will not transport in any circumstances. Even the countries will not allow shipping of them, in any circumstance. You should prepare yourself for these and learn what will never be allowed for shipping.

  • There are not many things you should never try to ship overseas, but you must remember them;
  • Among these items are dangerous substances, but you can add too large items on this list, too;
  • Sea freight forwarders will tell what will not transport in any circumstances, so you must be honest and tell what is in your package.
Gun and ammunition
Things you should never try to ship overseas are mostly forbidden

Toxic, flammable, and dangerous items

Like in any other circumstances, overseas shipping companies will pay special attention to safety when shipping items overseas. You must not put them in a dangerous situation by packing items that could damage or make any problem during shipping. It is the reason why are those items forbidden, so do not plan to transport toxic or flammable items. It is especially important for companies, while individuals could transport some of those items for a special price and at their own risk.

Firearms and ammunition

Although project cargo does not include shipping of these items, you will not be able to transport them as you want. There is special legislation in every country that you must follow when want to ship these items. Do not forget that these items are very dangerous and could make damage. Not only that you will need a special allowance, but you must rely on a special logistic provider for the shipping of those items.

Lithium batteries

Shipping of the batteries is not forbidden, but there is a regulation on how and in which conditions you may ship them. The reason is very simple, you will need to provide safety and understand which damage they must make. Shipping for companies and individuals is the same, so there are rules that oy must understand. The most important is to pack batteries charged to a determined level. It is 2 cells (less than 20 Wh) for single-cell and 4 cells (less than 100 Wh) for multi-cells. Remember that it is worth it for devices with batteries, too.

Some items are not forbidden

Some items are not forbidden, but you will be allowed to transport them only in special conditions. Most of them could make vehicle damage or other packages, so companies must be careful.

Perishable food

Although shipping takes short, and in most cases, this food will not spoil, nobody can predict if everything will be good during the shipping. During transportation, many unplanned problems may happen, which could cause delays in the arrival. Food can easily spoil even if you have packed it properly. Companies will not allow these problems, bad smells, and damage to their vehicles. It is the reason why shipping companies will not accept shipping of those items.

Tobacco and cigars are usually forbidden from shipping without allowances


Most companies will not allow the shipping of liquids in any circumstances. Not only that liquids are not tested and could contain dangerous items, but they are also very difficult for shipping. Companies must prepare special containers for them, and protect them from leaking. On the other hand, some companies could allow shipping under special circumstances and under the following legislation. You should check with companies which rules they follow.


Although it seems like a safe and simple product that cannot damage anything, it is very dangerous for shipping. Glues are flammable and combustible, so can make very serious damage or cause dangerous situations. Some shipping companies categorize them as “adhesives”, which means that you can transport them under special conditions.

Fragile items

Although these items are not dangerous, most companies will not allow the shipping of the items. Even if they allow you to pack and shipping of them, you should consider leaving. The reason is difficulties when packing and protecting items from damage and loss. You will hardly pack and protect items properly and nobody can predict what could happen during the shipping. For those reasons, you must be careful and think twice about the shipping.

Check if some items are under control

Some items are not forbidden because of danger, but because countries have special legislation about transporting them. You will be surprised how many of those items you will not be able to transport.

Tobacco, cigarettes, and cigars

There are a lot of regulations that control the shipping of tobacco and products, which mostly define how companies can transport these items. Each country has legislation that controls the shipping of tobacco, and fees that companies must pay for them. However, as an individual, you may transport these items, but only for individual usage. Countries have a defined amount of tobacco that you can transport, so check it before packing.

You can’t ship animals ship to another country without allowances


You surely want to take your pets with you when traveling internationally, but in most cases, you will not be able to transport them easily. Shipping of live animals, like poultry, reptiles, and bees is not possible without special packages under international rules. Warm-blooded animals cannot go in the mail, so you should consider using another way of shipping. The easiest is to travel with them.

Cremated remains

There is a strict regulation about the shipping of cremated remains (human or pet ashes). Although you can ship those remains internationally, companies will demand an appropriate customs form and a properly sealed funeral urn. There is a special outer shipping package, too, as a strong and durable container that will not damage during shipping. However, it is one of the things you should never try to ship overseas, at least not without your control.


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