Things to put in storage when moving overseas

Choosing which things to put in storage could be challenging when moving overseas. Although we believe everything is important and want to take everything with us when moving, you should organize your items better. There are always items you will not need when moving abroad, especially if you move long distances. It is why storages exist, and owners leave their furniture to avoid damages and high costs of moving. For those situations, you will need to choose the right storage, with proper conditions, for a low price. You will not make a mistake relying on Kokusai Express Japan with experience and affordable prices.

Things to put in storage when moving overseas

Among items you should put in storage when moving overseas surely should be those you will not use often. Some of those items will not be used until the next season or for special occasions. In those situations, items could make you a mess in the home, so professionals advise you to leave them in storage.

Documents are among things to put in storage when moving overseas


It is usually one of the most common items people leave in storage when moving overseas for a reason. You will not need your clothes for the first days in a new country. In most cases, you will need to buy a new wardrobe if you change a climate or season. International movers Japan recommend leaving the wardrobe temporarily. There are high chances that you will never return your favorite dresses or shoes, so in most cases, you will leave them in storage for a while. No matter what the reason is, you should leave your wardrobe in storage when moving overseas.

Personal items and memorabilia

Although you will move on long-distance, presuming for a long time, those are not things to put in storage when moving overseas. You will not have enough space for it and surely will pay a higher price for transporting those items. It is worthless to take them with you when you do not have enough space for other more important items. You will have time later to come back and choose what to take with you to a new country. Or, you will decide to get rid of them or give them to somebody as a gift. Overseas moving companies will help you to properly pack and transport those items.

Documents and papers

You may feel that your documents are most important in this situation, but in most cases, they will just cause problems. it is something that will cargo companies Japan pay attention on. You will not be able to control conditions during the traveling, and some of the documents could be damaged because of that. However, ensure that you have not packed important and valuable documents, like diplomas or wedding papers, into storage. On the other hand, you can easily pack family memories that you will not use for a long time. Ensure you have protected them in metallic drawers and keep them from humidity.

What about hobbies?

Many people have expensive hobbies or sports that demand expensive equipment. They are in dilemma what is better, to leave them in storage when moving overseas or not. It is your decision, but keep in mind that you will not be able to practice your favorite activities long after moving.

Family photos
You should protect family photos

Sports equipment

If you have a favorite sport that includes expensive and robust equipment, you surely know how difficult it is to store it in normal circumstances. When moving overseas, things are more difficult. You should not consider taking them with you in these situations. You will need to pack those items in large packages and protect them, which is time-consuming and expensive. A much better resolution is to put them in storage when moving overseas and choose what to do with them later.

Antiques and valuable items

It is questionable which is better – leaving or taking antiques with you. You will need to prepare and protect items from damage during this process and surely spend much more money on that. After moving, you will also need to find the right storage and protect them from damages later. On the other hand, those are among things to put in storage when moving overseas for most reasons. You cannot control what will happen during the transportation and surely cannot prevent loss. However, if you choose to leave them in storage, choose the most appropriate and safe.


Regardless you have paint brushes or expensive drums (and parts of drums are robust and heavy); it is much easier and cheaper to leave them in storage when moving overseas. Many people will recommend choosing a friend and giving them to keep you until you return, but it is also not quite a smart option. You cannot put your friends in that position to keep your expensive equipment. Storages, on the other hand, are professionally organized and protected, so you can freely leave your items there. Your friends, though, can be charged to visit the storage and check the situation occasionally.

Other items that you may forget about

There are many small and not daily used items that we usually forget about when moving overseas. The problem is that they take place, so it is difficult to pack them and leave them behind. However, ensure that you have packed and protected them properly, no matter what you decide.

Heavy and robust items should be left in storage


It is not expected that you will take your furniture when moving overseas not only that it is too expensive, in most cases, completely unnecessarily. Much better is to leave it in a protected and clean storage.

  • When you put your furniture in storage, you have time to decide what to do with the items;
  • Make sure that you have decluttered the furniture and pack properly into the boxes;
  • Among things to put in storage when moving overseas are surely those that you can easily replace in a new place.

Children toys

You know how important for your children is to keep their favorite toys in one place. Most children are emotionally connected to their favorite toy, so you must not go on a short trip without Teddy Bear or your favorite doll. However, you can leave the toys in storage when moving abroad, especially if children are grown up. Those are the things to put in storage when moving overseas.


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