The Minimalist Guide to an Overseas Move

The guide to an overseas move should start with simple lessons about downsizing the items when moving. Although most people will decrease the number of boxes that take with them when moving, you will need to learn how to do it in the best way. Good movers, like Kokusai Express Japan, should take all you need easily.

What how a guide to an overseas move should look like?

The simple manual for packing always includes throwing away the items that you do not need anymore. However, this time you should be even more practical, with a lot of renunciations.

  • Even if you are not prepared to downsize, learn guide to an overseas move and prepare for this ship carefully;
  • There are a lot of items that you should pack when relocating from Japan but do not put too much;
  • This could be a great start to your life in a new country and removing all that makes your wardrobe full.

    Packing clothes
    If you learn the guide to an overseas move you will easily pack stuff for moving

Make a plan

If you start packing without a plan, you will have big troubles later. It is for sure that packing without a plan could make moving harder. It is not easy to control what you have packed, and what you should take with you. In that way, you will leave maybe the most important items behind. Overseas shipping companies will recommend you to make a precise plan which will make this process easier. The plan should include steps in this process that you must not skip.

Make an inventory list

The inventory list is the key in preparing for minimalist relocating from Japan. It will help you in packing only needed items and packing for a minimalist overseas move. The inventory list should include all items that you will take with you and the items that are not that important to you at the moment. Do not worry, it will not take much time as you think.

How to pack these items?

Packing should also be specified when organizing moving. First, you will need to prepare packing material, but before it, you should prepare items for downsizing.

Decluttering before packing

You will have a much easier job if declutter the furniture and large items before packing. There are a lot of things that you should do alone before workers come to your home. Not only that international movers in Japan could give you advice, a proper tool, and packing material, they will help you with decluttering. You should not skip this step, because it protects your items, but also save time and money.

Cut everything in half

Maybe you are not prepared for this, but a minimalist overseas move presumes packing of much fewer things that you have. For many people is not that easy to get rid of the wardrobe, furniture, and home appliances, but it is the only way. If you feel that it would be a hard process, you should use a three-bag system. The first is taking with you, the second one is selling or donating and the third one is throwing away. It means that you should make three piles and throw items on one of them without thinking much about it, aiming to take not much more than half of all.

You will find a lot of ways to pack your wardrobe

Choose a small vehicle

Sounds weird, but a small packing space could psychological help in minimalist packing. If you do not have a large space to pack you will pack all you can. However, choosing a small vehicle will help you to limit items that are only important for you. Overseas move, though, could make a small problem in this case, but you still can rely on vehicles that will transport you to the port or airport.

Avoid mistakes

Like in any other situation, you should have time for packing and preparing for moving. In these situations, you need to learn which are common mistakes, too.

Prepare packing material

This should also be a step that you will move before start packing. Preparing packing materials before organizing moving will not significantly help in decreasing the items you take with you, but could help you in stress-free organizing. However, it will also help you in minimizing items if you prepare fewer boxes and packages than items you have. Like in choosing a small vehicle, it is a psychological help in decreasing items that you will take.

Label boxes

Although you will downsize the items you take with you, it still could be difficult to know what you have inside of the boxes. The packing and unpacking could be difficult after the moving, so experts always recommend to label boxes properly. However, you should not label it only to mark what is inside of the boxes. You can write when to unpack boxes if there are fragile or valuable items, and how to act with the boxes when packing the vehicle.

Separate the essentials

If you prepare for the move by sorting items by usage and importance, you will end the job faster and easier. However, you firstly should remove all essential items, which you surely need to take with you. In this way, you will avoid the danger to throw away items that you need the most or forgetting about something. Essentials will fill the vehicle and boxes, so you can pack other items after, considering space. Also, you can carefully protect those items and save them from damage.

A dog in a box
Minimizing should be a part of your life for each member of the family

Learn to minimize

This could be the beginning of your new life in many ways, not only as a guide to an overseas move. One of the skills that you can adopt in this way is to learn to minimize and rationalize whenever you can. You will surely not buy stuff after the move, knowing that you have thrown away so many items before moving. It could be a very important change in your life and surely can help in organizing life later. However, you should not be that strict in this situation. There are a lot of ways to organize life and not pile things up that you can adopt.

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