The list of documents needed for foreign trade

The list of documents needed for foreign trade is short, but it presumes preparing all information for shipping. KSE Moving recommends its clients use this list to qualify for shipping and customs clearance. However, this list is very long, so you should check what is needed to add to it later. The company will help you to prepare it.

The list of documents needed for foreign trade

Although this list is standardized for most countries and companies, there are still a lot of details you should consider. However, make sure that you have consulted the company for every detail.

Cargo ship in the middle of the sea
Documents needed for foreign trade include a lot of details about vehicles.

Commercial invoice

Once you have prepared your goods for shipping or moving from Japan, you must prepare the documents. A commercial invoice is one of the first things you should complete and one of the most important. This document includes most of the export transaction details from start to finish. The paper is also sent to your customer to serve and contains all the information they need. It presumes the order number, reference number, or information about the bank.

Proforma invoice

The first step when organizing foreign trade is receiving an inquiry about one or more of your products, which should include a request for a quotation and come from a domestic prospect. For such inquiries, international air freight forwarders usually use a standard form called a proforma invoice. It is one of the most important parts of shipping and foreign trading, and agencies use it to confirm client cooperation. It could include information about finances, which you can use to apply for the proper import licenses.

Learn more about this preparation

When preparing this list, you should follow official sites and recommendations. However, there are always documents that you might need in your particular case. Learn more about them and use them accordingly.

Certificates of origin

Sometimes, you must confirm which countries your product originated from. Companies use certificates of origin for these purposes. They are typically signed by a semi-official organization, like the Chamber of Commerce. You can get this document even if you have included a country of origin.

  • A Chamber of Commerce will charge you a fee for a stamp and sign your certificate;
  • It should be on the list of documents needed for foreign trade to confirm the origin of the goods;
  • This document is essential for air freight forwarders that must pass complicated control.
Docked ship
Inform yourself about the methods of shipping before filing the paperwork.

Packing list

Finally, the documents for foreign trade should include a packing list and a detailed list of the goods you have packed. You can use that information to create the bills of lading for the shipment. Companies also use it to prepare an exceptional overseas moving service. Customs officials usually use this list to identify certain packed items’ locations. That way, they know which boxes to open to check what is inside. The list of documents needed for foreign trade is still ongoing, and there are a lot of additional items on it. That said, inform yourself of everything properly before dispatching the goods.

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