The Importance Of Maintaining Your Storage Unit

You surely know the rules of maintaining your storage unit, but many people do not know all details. It is for sure that storage is usually dirty and always is messy. However, you can prevent it if maintain it often. If you rent warehouse Japan you should know that the conditions in it will be great. It does not mean that you should not pay attention to cleaning, though. Clean and ordered storage will make your life and business easier.

There are a lot of ways to clean and maintain your storage. It does not mean that you should use too many cleaning liquids or disinfection. In most cases only simply putting stuff in order would be enough. On the other hand, you should know that your storage will have dust and mold if you lost to clean it from time to time. So, make sure that you have organized it properly and on time.

Clean storage
Sometimes is only needed to keep storage in order

Why is maintaining your storage unit so important

For most people storage is a place where staff are in mess and covered with dust. They will protect them with linens or plastic and hope for the best. However, it should not be like that. if you leave storage with dust, you will have problems when open from time to time. It is not good to inhale dust whenever open it. Make sure that you have cleaned well.

  • Mold is a common occupant of storages so you should not forget about it whenever organize cleaning – maintaining your storage unit you will prevent making it;
  • You should clean your storage from dust – it is not tough if do it often and thoroughly;
  • Do not forget that you can easily damage items inside of the storage if not put them properly and protect from falling;
  • Storages with dust and mold could seriously damage your health and provoke diseases – luckily, storages that Kokusai Express Japan gives for rent are clean and protected;
  • Usually, storages have pests and people think that it should be normal – however, you can prevent it and make your storage safe.

Be careful of inhaling

Just imagine how the air in the storage that is closed for a long time looks like. You will inhale dust and mold when open the storage. It could be seriously dangerous and you should not allow yourself that problem. So, make sure that you have cleaned storage often. Good moving service Japan will organize packing so you can make room for regular maintenance.

A storage in order
You should pay attention on mold and pests

Pests are problem

In every storage, you can find pests, but they could be resolved. You should clean it from dust and clean storage usually prevent that problem. However, there are a lot of ways to get rid of bugs and spiders that are humane and healthy. International movers Japan recommends green resolutions for this problem.


We could have a serious problem with mold even in our homes, which we clean regularly. There are a lot of ways that mold arises. When storages are about, the fact that they are closed hermetically explains why mold happens so often. There are simple ways to resolve this problem, and often cleaning is one of them.

Do not damage items

It is hard to control everything when large storages are about. However, you should protect your items from damage. Also, there are simple ways to organize storage so protect items from damage. If you have furniture with broken or scratched parts, you should resolve it.

How to organize maintaining your storage unit

It is not easy to clean storage, especially if we use it to put away spare furniture or other stuff. People usually forget about it when closing the door. However, you should include it in your routine and visit the storage with brooms and brushes from time to time. Do not worry. In most cases, you will clean in two or more months and it is enough. Just put it in your monthly schedule.

Do not use chemicals

For many people is hard to learn ecological cleaning. They think that using green resolutions is expensive and impossible for individuals to organize. However, it is the best way to keep your storage clean and safe. Do not forget that you will inhale the air inside of it. Make sure that it is healthy.

Go to the storage often

You should clean your storage at least two times a month. There are a lot of reasons for that. Not only that you will keep it clean, but it is also good to check the stage in your storage from time to time. Maybe something felt from the shelf or the air is too hot. Experts recommend visiting the storage at least two times a month.

A person in warehouse
You should visit your storage from time to time

Make an order

It is not that important to keep your storage clean. You can wash and clean the dust once in two months. But more important is to keep the storage in order. It means at least keep the center of it clean, remove boxes from the path and put all on shelves. It looks cleaner and better.

Prevention is better than maintaining your storage unit often

Like in any other case, you can prevent making dust and dirt in your storage. It is easy to organize keeping the storage in order and only maintain from time to time. Also, use only natural liquids and products because storage will be closed, so you can inhale dangerous poisons. Do not just throw things there, make an order, and keep it whenever visit storage.

Cover and protect items from dust

You can easily protect the boxes and stuff inside of the storage from dust. The easiest way is to cover with linen and plastic. You will much easier protect the items and make your job faster. Also, it will protect from pests.

Consider investing in climate

The best way to maintaining your storage unit is to control the temperature inside of it. There are a lot of climate-controlled warehouses that you can rent. Not only that you will be able to keep even the sensitive items inside, but you will feel much better when cleaning and visiting it.


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