The importance of cleaning and sanitizing while moving

Moving usually represents the start of a new chapter in someone’s life. With that in mind and the current state of the pandemic in the world, the importance of cleaning and sanitizing while moving has never been more serious. That is why hiring Kokusai Express Japan, as a professional moving company, can allow you to focus on cleaning and sanitizing your belongings instead of worrying about the moving process.

a pair of gloves nexto to a stack of sponges and other cleaning products
Acquire all the products and cleaning equipment that you need to prepare your belongings for the move

Hygiene is something very important in this situation and knowing that the items you need to transport into your new home are safe can reduce a lot of stress.

What steps can you take to improve cleaning and sanitizing while moving?

As we are amid the pandemic, it is important to clean and sanitize your belongings from time to time. However, this is a must when you are in the relocation process. As the belongings will be transported to your new home, you should make sure that they are clean of dust, bacteria and germs. This will only benefit you because once you move in this will be one less thing to worry about. To safely transfer your belongings, when moving to Japan, we have created a list of steps to help you with the whole process:

  • Acquire cleaning and sanitizing products
  • Carefully disinfect your belongings
  • Hire professional movers
  • Clean the new home before placing your belongings

These simple steps can greatly improve the whole relocation experience and most importantly, keep you and others around you safe and protected.

Acquire cleaning and sanitizing products

Now, there is no doubt that we all have certain sanitizing and cleaning stashes in our homes. Especially now, when there is a pandemic in the world. However, we know that every material requires a different product for us to clean it. Acquiring these products can ease the whole process for you. So, head out to your local store, acquire all the needed disinfection and sanitizing products and start cleaning.

cleaning supplies with rags inside of a bucket
Providing cleaning materials for all surfaces will benefit you before and after the move

This will not only reduce the work once you move in, but it will also provide better protection with the moving process and transport.

Carefully disinfect your belongings

Cleaning and sanitizing while moving is something that you need to do regardless of the situation. Clean and disinfected furniture and other belongings will attract fewer bacteria and remain clean during the moving process. Before you started packing, make sure to carefully clean every object that you pack. This will save you a lot of work once you arrive in the new home. It will also give you better insight into which objects need to be cleaned and which were already cleaned.

By prioritizing your belongings you will have an easier time cleaning them. Firstly, separating the needed and unneeded items will provide an easier approach to the cleaning process. Secondly, items that you do not need can be sold or donated to a charity. This will reduce the amount of work you have to put into them and open up space for other belongings. Thirdly, prioritizing what you do and do not need will help you create a budget for the international move easier.

Hire professional movers

The whole moving process can easily become overwhelming. A lot of belongings need to be packed, transported, and unloaded into your new home. When you add the cleaning and sanitizing process while moving on top of that it can become quite difficult to comprehend. By hiring professional movers you ensure a quality moving service, with the professional approach and safe item handling. On the other hand, professional movers will safely load and unload the belongings, providing all the needed care for the items. This is one of the best ways to avoid any injuries during the move as certain belongings can be hard to lift or load into the vehicle.

Professional movers can offer their assistance with transporting the items, providing packing and cushioning materials. Also, they can offer storage units in case you need to safely store the belongings before you move into your new home.

Clean your new home before placing your belongings

So, you have transported all of your belongings to your new home. However, it would not be wise to instantly place them inside of the home. As the new home will probably need some cleaning. Dust is the most common thing you will find in these new houses. So, cleaning before placing your items inside is a must. Instead of shopping for new cleaning supplies, using the ones that remained from before the move should be enough.

a woman cleaning and sanitizing before the move
Carefully cleaning your new home will be much healthier and safer for you

As dust usually settles after a few days, cleaning the floor and all the rooms in your new home will not only increase the hygiene but also make you feel a lot better once you start moving in. With the help of professional movers, you can focus on hygiene and cleaning instead of packing and transporting your items.

Why is it important that we clean our belongings?

Well, on the one hand, we have the hygiene aspect of cleaning your belongings. On the other hand, this process will help you enjoy your new home even more. Even though you might have cleaned your new home, bringing in items that were not previously cleaned can bring dust, bacteria and germs. This will restart the whole process, as you will need to clean them all over again.

Stress is another huge factor when it comes to moving. The littlest of complications can induce it. Like the mess created before moving, forgetting something important, cleaning the new home but brining in dusty belongings. So, it is of utmost importance we relieve this stress as much as we can by taking precaution steps throughout the whole process. Cleaning and sanitizing your belongings while moving is not a hard task, but it can have a huge impact on your new life. It is important that you stay safe and not rush the process.


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