The Costs Of Moving Internationally: What To Consider

It is hard to make a precise calculation of the costs of moving internationally. For most people, it is an expensive and long procedure. However, you can make a list of needed steps and possible costs. Cargo export has precise prices for defined sizes, types of shipping, and destination. Also, you can make at least a prediction of how much workers will charge you. Finally, moving companies usually offer free estimated costs before talking with them about your relocation.

No matter how you have planned to move internationally, you should rely on the company, too. They have much longer experience and could make at least a plan of moving. Thanks to the knowledge they have and experience, they could easily predict the rough price of your move. It is not hard to predict if moving will cost more with stuff you plan to move. So, you should rely on their estimate and make your list of costs so compare later.

You can save a lot of money if calculate moving costs properly

Big costs of moving internationally

You do not need to be a professional to predict how much your relocation will cost. There are a lot of ways to estimate how much it will cost. It is for sure that you can calculate how many boxes you will need or how much you will need to pay for transport. Also, you should include other costs, like insurance in the calculation list.

  • Transport cost very much for international moving so you should consider it as the biggest cost – air freight forwarders are a little cheaper;
  • Packing is among the higher costs and for most people very important fact;
  • You will need to prepare documents and sometimes it is not cheap or free – good companies could help you with this job;
  • Longevity causes higher costs of moving internationally so you should have it in mind when making a plan for moving;
  • It is for sure that the company will have a good plan and make the price list following your specific case, needs and possibilities so do not hesitate to rely on them.

Rely on companies’ price list

For most people, the company is the most important factor in planning the relocation. You should not hesitate to visit them and start from their price list when a plane moving overseas. However, overseas shipping companies recommend firstly make your list of needs, items, and time of shipping so the whole process will be faster.

Packing is always additional

Do not rely on moving company and their prices when packing is about. Each moving company makes packages with included services which are cheaper. However, the moving company will surely charge packing additionally. However, professionals like Kokusai Express Moving will justify the price.


People forget about obligated but expensive costs, like insurance. However, no matter how much you will pay for this service, it is worth that number. Just imagine how great is when a company refund costs after a problem that happens during transportation. When this item is about, you should calculate from $100 up to $1000.


Even when you use vehicles that the company provided, you will much be forced to pay for renting. Companies could include it in their prices, but only in special cases. Usually, vehicles cost from $700 o $1400, but those are average prices. You should ask for your particular case.

The first you will need to know is how much each item on your moving list costs

Small costs of moving internationally

There are situations when you can predict your costs but forget for all those small costs that raise the final price. Many people, especially those who have not moved recently, forget or do not know for them. It is the reason why is sometimes better to rely on a moving company. Their experience will help you to put on the list even those things that you did not know about.


No matter where you will move to which country, there are high chances that you will need a visa for that. Fees for visa services are different from country to country and usually cost between $150 and $2500. However, you should check the price for your country.

Duty charges and taxes

It is hard to give a rough price of these taxes, but most of them depend on the goods you have bought or take with you. Usually, it is around 1,8% of all you have. Again, you should check it for the particular country first.

Storage costs

Maybe you have not planned to rent storage for your future transportation. However, you should have in mind that cost, too. There are situations when you will need to rent a place where you will put furniture or bags for a while. In case that your shipping is canceled or finds it too expensive for this moment, you should have a place where you will put your stuff. The price of classic three-bedroom-home storage is around $300 for a month.

Unpredicted costs of moving internationally

No matter how well the company estimates the final price of moving, there are always unpredicted costs that raise the price at the end. When international moving is about, those costs could be very high. You cannot plan to delay because of problems at port, or changes in ship route. To prevent or avoid the consequences of those costs, you should put at least a 10% higher price on the final costs list.

There are lot of small costs that you should calculate in your relocation costs, too

Travel costs

Many people forget that they should travel when relocate, too. Maybe an airplane ticket is not too expensive, but when you include tickets for the whole family and baggage, it could be very high. Speaking about the family, some companies offer special packages with lower prices for these situations.

New furniture, wardrobe

You will take with you as much as you can, but it is hard to pack everything in bags. In most cases, it is impossible to take all with you. So, put on the list of costs those items, too. Maybe it would not be too expensive but still, affect the budget.

Accommodation costs

You will hardly have a place for living right after moving. Even if you manage to find a living place, the first days and weeks will be extremely expensive and hard. You should include these costs on your costs of moving internationally for your future moving, too.


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