The advantages of long-term storage

Moving process takes time and it can give us a lot of stress and headaches. To go through this process, you have to be well prepared and organized. You have to plan in advance and sort out the budget. You have to start decluttering your home and prepare packing boxes at least a couple of weeks before the move. Maybe, it will be easier for you to hire professional movers to relieve you of some stress of moving. But, what if you have a large family and you have to downsize. There could be a lot of stuff to get rid of. If that stuff is precious to you and you don’t want to get rid of them, don’t worry. Storing your items is one of the best ideas and we will look at the advantages of long-term storage.

The advantages of long-term storage when moving

When you are relocating and changing your home you have the perfect opportunity to get rid of the stuff that you don’t need. As we said you have to start to declutter your home a month or two before the move. All those things that you are not using anymore for years you can get rid of. If those are the things that can be reused you should consider donating to your friends, family or neighbors. Of course, there will be always something you that you want to keep and that is why you should consider long-term storage rental. The advantages of long-term storage are:

  • Security
  • Convenience
  • Saving space and decluttering your home
  • Executing renovations
  • Accommodating home additions
  • A safe place for important items

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One thing that you should not think about when moving is the security of your stuff. A good storage unit should have monitored access points, security cameras, gated parking lots, maybe security guards. If you think that some of your stuff isn’t worth that much, you’d be surprised when they all stack up. Your electronics, bikes, clothes that your kids have outgrown, furniture, everything is worth a couple of thousands of dollars. It is best to secure them properly. And then when you are settled in your new home you can always come back for stuff that is precious to you. And if you are moving a lot of stuff out of the country you should check out what kind of advantage CFS bonded warehouse can provide for you.

A good storage unit will have a good security system

 Convenience when renting a long-term storage

The advantages of long-term storage are that storages are meant to be used when moving. There are no inconveniences like stairs or bad angles of your walls. You might hurt yourself when trying to squeeze in a piece of furniture somewhere where it is not meant to be. You will not have those problems when transferring your stuff to storage. They feature off drive-up access, roll-up doors, boxes, and other devices that make moving a lot easier. You don’t have to bother your friends to put your stuff in their basement. And you don’t have to bother them to carry your stuff.

Saving space is the advantage of long-term storage

No matter if you have a small or a big house, space is something that we always lack. The advantage of long-term storage is that you will be able to store old furniture from your home and get your space and commodity. Even portable storage containers have their advantages. So don’t doubt that non-portable has them. Especially the one where you can access your storage in 15 minutes when you remember that you need something out of there.

House with beautiful view
The advantage of long-term storage is saving space in your house

The advantage of long-term storage when executing renovations

Renovating your home is not an easy task. It is a process that takes time, sometimes weeks, sometimes months to get finished. In that time you have to find space that you can keep your needed items until work has been finished. Also, you are going to need access to that storage because you might need some of the items while renovating but you don’t have space to keep them in the house.

The advantage of long-term storage when renovating
Having long-term storage can enable you to store stuff while renovating


Accommodating home additions

Are you moving in with your friend or family member? Did you make a recent addition to your family? If this is a case you might realize that you need more space. In this case scenario, you will definitely get rid of the things that make your transition difficult. Babies especially are in need of space and this is why you should check the advantages of long-term storage. Store the items that you don’t need right now until you need them again. Whether they are family photos or something else that is precious to you keep them and don’t throw them away.

A safe place for important items

Of all the advantages of long-term storage that we have written about, there is one more. If you want to rent storage long-term be sure to choose a climate-controlled one. Sensitive items like art or antique require special care. This climate-controlled space will keep your stuff safe for a long period of time. Humidity and high temperature as much as sunlight can destroy the things you have storage and you don’t want that to happen. So, renting a climate is a good idea.

The advantage of long-term storage in conclusion

Sooner or later, everybody at one point in their life makes a move. Thinking strategically in this situation is crucial. One of the things that you need to consider in this strategy is the advantage of long-term storage. No matter if you are making a move locally or you are moving away across the border renting long-term storage is useful. Your stuff will be secure. You will declutter your home if there is ever a need. If you are painting your apartment you can move your stuff to storage. And if you have some kind of art or antiques they will be safe in climate-controlled storage. There are a lot of advantages and it is worth a price.

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