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Everyone knows that moving is a complicated process and it involves a lot of hard work. There are so many things to think about and factors to consider. Moving with a large family makes this undertaking even more difficult. With family included, you need to think not only about all the things you need to…

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Kyoto and Tokyo are very different cities and if you haven't visited either, comparing them might seem pointless. Both cities have served as the Japan's capital, Kyoto earlier and Tokyo now. Tokyo is a glittering megacity, while Kyoto emits a more provincial charm, defined by bamboo forests and ancient temples, rather than skyscrapers and subway…

There are plenty of ways to beat unpacking procrastination after moving, get to work and clear out those boxes so you don't end up covered in them like the man in the picture.

In theory, unpacking should be an easy task. The hardest part, packing and moving, is over and you are free to relax at your new home. But, after a stressful move, you might find emptying boxes and finding a place for everything right away to be quite exhausting. Contrary to packing, which has a clear…

Cherry blossoms in Japan

Moving to a new country or a new city can be stressful, but also very exciting. Even though the process of relocating is challenging, don't let that fact overwhelm you. When you plan everything in detail and hire the right professional moving company to facilitate the transport of your belongings, relocating becomes a positive experience.…

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Moving overseas is quite an undertaking, even for one person. Moving overseas with small children comes with its own set of challenges. But it can also be one of the biggest, most wonderful adventures both you and your children could experience. If you approach it with the right attitude and diligent planning, your relocation can…

Learn about living in Nagasaki as an expat

Are you considering moving to Japan? If you are preparing for living in Nagasaki as an expat, you will need to hire reliable movers. Besides, you will need to meet the country you are moving to. Luckily, you are at the ideal place right now! Today we will help you find out how does it…

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