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Steps you can take when your shipment is lost

The steps you can take when your shipment is lost are not much different from any other steps in similar situations. It is crucial to act fast and check all you can before your items are gone forever. The company can help you in this process significantly. It is why you should choose professionals like…

A view of Mount Fuji - Things you should know about moving overseas

The list of things you should know about moving overseas is long, but there are a few items on that list that you should remember. Along with collecting documents, preparing licenses and papers, and packing, there are steps that you must make if you want to organize moving correctly and on time. Depending on the…

A ship that you should consider if want to get moving quotes from an international moving company

It is not easy to get moving quotes from an international moving company. However, if you contact the right moving company, like Kokusai Express Moving, you will be able to estimate moving costs easily. (more…)

Two people doing paperwork

Regardless of the size of your business, calculating your expenses is not easy. Besides all the other costs, transportation costs are something you can't skip. Calculating shipping costs is a complex task. With numerous factors potentially impacting the final cost, you need to get to the final number. Although you will need time to calculate…

Learn to identify and avoid hidden costs of moving to Japan by checking contacts and bills.

Moving from one home to another comes with a lot of costs and expenses. And when the time of international move comes it can be pretty tough to keep track with all expenses. For that reason, you will need to calculate inevitable costs and put an effort to calculate your budget. In case you are…

Stacked shipping containers

Whether you are selling your products worldwide or moving to another country, you are dealing with the costs of shipping. If you and your family are moving, things are somewhat simpler. You can sell or donate the majority of your belongings, and bring the remaining items with you. But, how can you reduce the costs…

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