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Ensure packages safety during transport

When sending a shipment, couriers will usually warn you of the risk of damage. You are obliged to pack the parcel in such a way as to protect the contents because, if it is damaged, the courier services are not responsible for the damage caused.  Let me introduce you to some tricks and tips on…

Large item crating 101

November 03, 2020.
a forklift in a warehouse next to crates

International air and overseas freight were once available mostly for large companies. However, nowadays everyone is able to send or receive items overseas. Because of this situation, large item crating has become one of the main issues people face. Still, hiring a professional moving company can help you go through this process easier. (more…)

a delivery man smiling in the delivery truck

With everything that is happening in the world, companies are looking for the best way to improve the delivery experience in 2020 for their customers. With the COVID-19 pandemic and the restrictions that follow, people have been ordering online more than ever. This is why improving the delivery experience is crucial to many companies who…

black car on the street

When moving internationally, most people usually bring only their suitcase. However, if they're moving to a new country permanently, most people would like to brink their entire household with them. Shipping large and heavy furniture might seem difficult. But can you name something bigger and heavier to ship? This would be your car and the other vehicles. You might think it…

black and yellow metal signage beside green grasses during daytime

Do you need to ship potentially hazardous materials? This can be difficult as international shipping regulations have changed drastically since 2001. The list of materials has never been longer than today. This does not come as surprise since many shipping companies are not thrilled with sending potentially dangerous materials. The reason is simple. There is a…

Ship that could be the cheapest way to ship internationally

People would love to know which is the cheapest way to ship internationally. They have a reason for it. Shipping globally is costly. Even with good moving companies, like KSE moving, you cannot be sure that the price will be affordable. There are a lot of things that affect the final cost. With that in…

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