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Items you can't ship to Japan

Among items you can’t ship to Japan are mostly those that you cannot bring to any country in the world. However, you should be aware of the fact that each country has its own rules, so learn them before traveling. To avoid possible problems, rely on professional companies like Kokusai Express Japan for moving. (more…)

A ship ful of containers that show why is important to plan your shipping around the holidays

It is crucial to plan your shipping around the holidays smartly and fast. Some companies will not allow you to ship goods during these days. There are some of them that will not accept goods for shipping long before the holidays. However, good companies like Kokusai Express Japan will provide all you need on time…

People debate about preparing precious cargo for air freight forwarding

Nowadays, the whole world depends on freight forwarding. Most things that you are buying on an everyday basis have been transported one way or another. But like everything, this also needs preparation, and the best you can get is with Kokusai Express Japan. During air transportation of goods, many unexpected things can happen. You need…

A ship that you should consider if want to get moving quotes from an international moving company

It is not easy to get moving quotes from an international moving company. However, if you contact the right moving company, like Kokusai Express Moving, you will be able to estimate moving costs easily. (more…)

When relocating across the world, it is essential to know everything about packing, especially packing fragile items. You never know what to expect when shipping items overseas. Any hasty step or unprofessional move can cause accidents that you want to avoid. In order to learn how to move glass items overseas, Kokusai Express Japan will…

A person thinking about ways to ship small packages overseas

Running your business internationally is a challenging mission. One of the main reasons why this could be a complex task is transportation issues. Whether you are shipping project cargo or need to ship small packages overseas, there is always so many things to think about. There is no doubt, you will need to balance multiple…

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