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Top Japan storage safety tips

November 29, 2017.
Here are the top Japan storage safety tips which you should know before committing to one company.

Sometimes, there is just that overflow of belongings, right? It could be that you’ve recently made an international move to Japan and simply have a bit too much stuff. Or, you’re a new entrepreneur starting your business and need to store your cargo. Perhaps it’s something else altogether. However, self-storage is a big part of…

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Relocation is a grand venture, and storage is just one of the tools you are presented with to help you.

So you have your mind set on relocating to the Land of the Rising Sun. Well, Kokusai Express fully supports and welcomes your decision. Not only that, but we will offer whatever assistance we can to make your relocation as smooth as possible. Now, most foreigners fail to fully comprehend what it means to move…

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Get intel on all movers in your area and make a checklist.

However much we would like to think that the world is perfect, it is not. Frauds and dishonorable business exist and happen frequently. Somewhere more somewhere less, but they exist nonetheless. There are plenty of factors that influence such figures - size of the market, service demand etc. Japan being the epicenter of modern business…

As a foreigner and visitor in Japan, you have to require certain customs regulations which are an important part of entry into and departure from the country. We bring you information about customs regulations. With our tips, you will not have problems with Procedures of Passenger Clearance. This guide helps foreigners by providing information about…

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There are many reasons to move to Japan.

How to relocate to Japan? Japan relocation may be your dream if you have always been interested in Japanese culture. Hiring moving company for relocating to Japan is the first step. Moving can be dramatic especially for those who never relocated before. Particularly for foreigners from non-Asian countries, relocating to Japan can be a cause of anxiety.…

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