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Take the person you love to dine at some of the most romantic spots in Tokyo.

When you think about romantic places and cities, Tokyo might not be the first one that pops into your head. It is a busy, sprawling metropolis, and it doesn't seem like people here have too much time for love. You can bet you will not have your romantic moment in a crowded train while commuting…

Exotic pets import regulations in Japan

Japan is a country with a lot of different animals, from cats and dogs to more exotic ones, such as bears and salamanders. Of course, you will not hold those wild ones as pets. But, unfortunately, it is not uncommon for those animals to be imported or exported. And not for a very noble cause.…

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Various foods

There are many similarities between moving to another country and moving your office there. For example, when relocating to Japan, you will not only need to learn about Japanese culture but their rules and laws as well. Learning about these is one of the first and most important things you need to do. You simply cannot…

Are you moving to Japan for work? Is your office suddenly moving and you need to figure out how you will fit into the working life of Japan? Sometimes it can be scary - moving across the globe and having to figure out how the new country really works. It is a lot of work…

Take in the sights in Tokyo.

If you are wondering what to see in Tokyo, then you are going to the capital of Japan for the first time. The one who was in Tokyo at least once knows that this city is full of not only historical buildings but also modern buildings that are of no less interest. Many people get…

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Forbidden customs clearance items

If you are moving to Japan or you are shipping household goods to Japan. you need to know more about forbidden customs clearance items. There is a list of prohibited goods in Japan like in any other country. Japanese customs have many rules for customs clearance and prohibited and restricted items. Anyone who wants to import…

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