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prepare your home for a video moving estimate

It is an important question when to prepare your home for a video moving estimate and why it is essential to do it. Modern times have many different needs and obligations, so preparing for the virtual move is only one of them. However, it is crucial if you want to avoid problems with packing, lack…

How to start anew in Japan?

August 10, 2022.
start anew in Japan

If you are about to start anew in Japan, you will need to know more and inform before starting. Apparent from pandemic and lockdown, the economic crisis, and other worldwide problems, life continues in every segment. People travel, change their jobs and change their places of living. One of the changes you can make is…

A view of Mount Fuji - Things you should know about moving overseas

The list of things you should know about moving overseas is long, but there are a few items on that list that you should remember. Along with collecting documents, preparing licenses and papers, and packing, there are steps that you must make if you want to organize moving correctly and on time. Depending on the…

A cat

So, you're about to move overseas. This must be a very exciting time in your life right now. If you happen to have a pet, then you might be worried. There is no need to be, though. We are here to help you with our guide about relocating overseas with pets. Even though relocations tend…

Old boxes packed which are one of the mistakes to avoid when moving internationally

Mistakes to avoid when moving internationally are mostly connected to the organization. You should pack and transport all you have in a short time. Thanks to professional companies like Kokusai Express Japan, you can be sure that you are settled. They will organize transportation, packing, and the whole process for affordable prices and communicate at…

Picture of a cherry tree

With so much information available nowadays, it is difficult to tell truth apart from lies. That's also why there are so many misconceptions about various things. Moving is one of them. When you are stressed out (which you will be when moving) you will be more prone to believe everything you hear. That also includes…

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