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Bubble plastic tape and scissors as part of the packing supplies for an international move

Everyone who had an opportunity to move overseas knows how stressful and complicated this process is. There are many things to do and organize, but the number one thing that makes overseas moving so difficult is packing. Of course, there are overseas moving companies that can help you with their packing services. However, if you…

Short term storage tips

October 14, 2019.
Short term storage tips and information

If you are moving, you probably can't move all of your stuff at once. That is why you might want to consider renting a short term storage unit. But, what is short term storage? Moving industry professionals would say that renting a storage unit under a 3 months period is short term storage. And there…

A woman holding a moving box to be used when packing collectibles for international transport.

By definition, collectibles are items which have high value and are important to different collectors. However, a lot of times, these items have a value that is more meaningful than the monetary one. Namely, people are usually sentimentally attached to the items they have have been collecting for years, if not decades. So, what happens…

Storage facility

Moving can be a long process. There are so many things that can make getting to your house take some time. First, you might not have all the paperwork. Or maybe your new home was going through construction, and there are some things that are not finished yet. Sometimes, it's out of your hands. Maybe…

Ship with the containers

Packing a shipping container is an important stage in the organization of cargo transportation. This is especially important if you are leaving Japan since you are most likely to send your things by sea. The state of the cargo when it arrives at its destination directly depends on how well you pack the cargo. In…

Moving to Hamamatsu guide

March 22, 2018.
Hamamatsu Castle - one of the many views to explore after moving to Hamamatsu.

Wherever you are moving, same difficulties will always follow you. There always seems to be so much work and yet so little time! So, the first thing you can do is just admit that you need help. This is why getting the help of reliable Japan movers is extremely important during the moving process. A good…

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