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Get ready for animal transport to Japan

Moving to another part of the world is all about following the rules and good preparations. So, after you decide to move overseas, be ready to put a lot of your energy. Moving with your pets can require going the extra mile. Want to move with your pet to Japan? This type of moving to…

a bunch of photos pinned to the wall

Moving overseas can be exhausting and tricky. It requires a lot of energy, planning, and logistics. Finding a reliable company to ship your belongings across the sea is another task on your full plate. Besides worrying about packing fragile and bulky items, you need to figure out how to pack valuables like photographs. Packing your…

Container shipping explained

August 25, 2021.

The shipping industry is one of the most important industries in the modern world of today. There are countless things that we use every day that have been, in one way or another, shipped from one side of the world or the other. Whether we are talking about food and eating fruits from other continents,…

Make sure not to make mistakes when packing antiques like the brown wooden chair in the picture

When shipping antiques overseas, it’s important to take the right steps to ensure their safe relocation. Antiques are, in most cases, very valuable and delicate, so you need to handle them with extreme care. A single bump on the road can easily damage your breakable antique pieces if they are not properly secured for transport.…

Sunset behind clouds

The backbone of sales nowadays is customer satisfaction. Every seller wants their clients to be happy with their purchase, which oftentimes includes complex planning when it comes to shipping. Here is a list of problems that often occur when shipping during summer. (more…)

Learn to avoid import & export mistakes

Running an international business is far away from simple. Whether you are a small business owner or your business is already large, before you start importing and exporting the goods you need to be prepared. That means you will need to know what items you can import and export and what you cannot. In case…

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