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Modern trends in the moving industry that might work to your advantage

Aside from many features, your company should understand modern trends in the moving industry that might work to your advantage—knowing the client's needs, habits, and changes in this field. After the pandemic and lockdown, many things have changed. People primarily work from home, which decreases the need for relocation. However, there are a lot of…

packed boxes

Moving overseas is very exciting. Doing it carefully and ensuring that you will be comfortable once you move is the most important thing. Being comfortable comes in two waves when moving overseas. First is being comfortable before and while moving. This means that the movers you've hired are reliable and make you feel safe. Kokusai…

How to start anew in Japan?

August 10, 2022.
start anew in Japan

If you are about to start anew in Japan, you will need to know more and inform before starting. Apparent from pandemic and lockdown, the economic crisis, and other worldwide problems, life continues in every segment. People travel, change their jobs and change their places of living. One of the changes you can make is…

calculate the full cost of your international relocation

Before calculate the full cost of your international relocation, ask yourself what will be the most expensive part of your international move. For most people, international moving is tariffing more than exciting and interesting. Taking in mind all you need to organize before moving could be seriously tough and even more difficult knowing that there…

A view of Mount Fuji - Things you should know about moving overseas

The list of things you should know about moving overseas is long, but there are a few items on that list that you should remember. Along with collecting documents, preparing licenses and papers, and packing, there are steps that you must make if you want to organize moving correctly and on time. Depending on the…

Items you can't ship to Japan

Among items you can’t ship to Japan are mostly those that you cannot bring to any country in the world. However, you should be aware of the fact that each country has its own rules, so learn them before traveling. To avoid possible problems, rely on professional companies like Kokusai Express Japan for moving. (more…)

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