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Moving internationally for the first time

Moving internationally for the first time could be stressful and difficult. Not only that you will need to prepare for relocation carefully, but you can also have trouble adjusting to it easily. On the other hand, if you move with family, it could be even more stressful than common relocations. So, always rely on good…

Japan is a traditional country which Americans moving to Japan should know

Americans moving to Japan should know many things, but mostly unspoken rules that this country has. Most of them include public behavior, the way that you will talk with the people, and business customs. However, moving to Japan could be very difficult and stressful, so rely on Kokusai Express Japan for this relocation. (more…)

Moving to Japan with your pets can be nice. You will have a wonderful time in a place that welcomes pets with open arms. Such is the culture of Japan. That is why today’s topic of our article is the top cities in Japan to move to with a pet. Kokusai Moving Express will tell…

plane on the map

Have you thought of moving to another country? Are you wondering how long does it take to move overseas? Well, since moving is considered to be one of the hardest things for a person, it's not easy, especially overseas. Moving requires commitment, strong will, and determination. Look at it as a new chapter in your…

A beautiful European city on a river.

Moving can be a stressful and lengthy process, relocating your family to another continent even more so. With our packing checklist for parents moving to Europe we will make sure you are well prepared. Here at Kokusai Express, we are always ready to help. Let's get straight to the point. (more…)

When relocating across the world, it is essential to know everything about packing, especially packing fragile items. You never know what to expect when shipping items overseas. Any hasty step or unprofessional move can cause accidents that you want to avoid. In order to learn how to move glass items overseas, Kokusai Express Japan will…

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