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article about international shipping in 2021

E-commerce has to be one of the fastest-growing industries in the past couple of years. It is estimated that by the end of 2021, there will be more than 2 billion e-commerce shoppers. Considering last year, when COVID-19 hit the world with its full power, everyone was staying home and online shopping grew exponentially. If…

Valuables such as laptops, phones and books like in the photograph should be stored properly

Most people have at least a few items that are extremely important to them. In some cases, the value is sentimental, while in others it's financial. Either way, these are the items people don't want to lose or damage in any manner. Wanting to keep these items safe and secure, they try to find different…

Tokyo in Japan

Japan, a land of diversity, is expecting your arrival open-handed. Before the actual move, make sure to study the culture and its customs. Not to mention, be ready for the actual process of relocation. Find a professional moving company. Create a detailed plan. Moreover, consider the things you should not forget to pack. After all,…

Pink door storage units

Renting a storage unit is a great solution when you need more space. Whether you are in the midst of moving, traveling or you just don't have any more room in your home, a storage unit is the answer. But you shouldn't just pile a bunch of boxes in there and close the door. You…

Room-by-room packing tips

September 10, 2021.
Boxes labeled as kitchen and office on a table

We all know moving is stressful and time-consuming. But, when it comes to packing, adopting a systematic approach can help to reduce stress and save time. Packing room-by-room and labeling boxes as you go are some of the most important steps in the relocation process. With our comprehensive room-by-room packing tips, Kokusai Express Japan has…

There are plenty of ways to beat unpacking procrastination after moving, get to work and clear out those boxes so you don't end up covered in them like the man in the picture.

In theory, unpacking should be an easy task. The hardest part, packing and moving, is over and you are free to relax at your new home. But, after a stressful move, you might find emptying boxes and finding a place for everything right away to be quite exhausting. Contrary to packing, which has a clear…

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