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You have realized that your life is not that interesting anymore? After long thinking, you have decided that moving to the other country would be the change you need. But what about moving to the other continent? People these days often choose South America as their new home. But why are they relocating to South…

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Leaving Japan with family

April 04, 2018.
Enjoy the landscape of the mountains with the Sun rising behind them before you leave Japan with your family.

Everyone knows that moving is a lot of hard work. There are just way too many things to think about and factors to balance. Moving with family makes this job even more difficult. Then, you need to think not only about all the things you need to do but your spouse and your kids as…

Moving to Hong Kong guide

March 16, 2018.

Are you moving to Hong Kong? Feeling stress about how many things there are still to do before the big moving day comes? Are you moving for work or will you need to find a new job once you are here? Are the prospects of all the things you need to take care of before…

Moving to Hawaii from Japan

March 03, 2018.

Many Japanese people chose to have their vacation in Hawaii. This is because of the close proximity to Japan of the U.S. most tropical states. It also comes as no surprise to anyone - Hawaii has been a chosen vacation destination for many people over the years. However, maybe you are planning something more permanent,…

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Best cities to live in Japan

February 27, 2018.

Fancy moving to Japan? Is your employer switching an office and now you need to move here? Japan is a beautiful country, with its unique culture, people, and history. However, to a foreigner, it may seem scary. Your feelings may worsen if you have a task of finding the city where you will live in…

Cleanliness is an important part of Japan lifestyle.

Have you ever thought about living in Japan? Did the thought scare you? Moving to another country, let alone a continent, can be a mortifying experience. This is especially true when the culture of the country is as unique as it is in Japan. But do not fear! Kokusai Express Japan is here for you!…

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