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cleaning your household before relocation

Maybe you are among the people questioning whether cleaning your household before relocation is necessary. After a long preparation, organizing, and packing, the last we want is to clean the mess that leaves us behind. Especially if we know that somebody else will live there after us, however, you should not be that uncultured. Although…

Changes in habits after moving from Japan to another state

There are many reasons why moving from Japan to another state is difficult. Each country has a specific culture, customs, and holidays, which could be very difficult for people who have planned to move. On the other hand, with the right moving company like Kokusai Express Japan, you will easily prepare for moving, so you…

Guide to an Overseas Move

The guide to an overseas move should start with simple lessons about downsizing the items when moving. Although most people will decrease the number of boxes that take with them when moving, you will need to learn how to do it in the best way. Good movers, like Kokusai Express Japan, should take all you…

Household that could increase International Moving Costs for 2022

International moving costs for 2022 are slightly higher than in previous years for most reasons. All that happened in the past two years affected the prices of shipping and moving. however, with a good moving company like Kokusai Express Japan they should be lower and more affordable. (more…)

miniature globe in the sand

People move across the globe all the time. But the real question is – why do they do it? Why did someone decide to uproot and start planning on moving internationally. It is not an easy thing to do and there sure must be a good reason for such a step. So, let us cover…

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A beautiful European city on a river.

Moving can be a stressful and lengthy process, relocating your family to another continent even more so. With our packing checklist for parents moving to Europe we will make sure you are well prepared. Here at Kokusai Express, we are always ready to help. Let's get straight to the point. (more…)

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