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shipping large items internationally

Shipping large items internationally is more than packing things into boxes. You should organize transportation to the right place, choose the right company, and pack items properly. Most importantly, you need to estimate the shipping price, the value of your cargo, the shipping time, and how it will affect the price. You are not alone…

a computer on a desk when preparing electronic equipment for shipping

Preparing electronic equipment for shipping is necessary when packing for moving or shipping. Professionals in moving companies like Kokusai Express Japan know that shipping is complicated and expensive at the same time. It is not easy to organize the shipping of sensitive equipment in a way that respects your wallet and costs. However, you will…

Things to put in storage when moving overseas

Choosing which things to put in storage could be challenging when moving overseas. Although we believe everything is important and want to take everything with us when moving, you should organize your items better. There are always items you will not need when moving abroad, especially if you move long distances. It is why storages…

signs of bad sea freight forwarders pointed at on a laptop

Most people are afraid to find the signs of bad sea freight forwarders. In case they find out that the company they cooperate with is not that good, they need to find another one. It is not easy, and most people do not like to change companies that easily. For those reasons, people are not…

A large ship that could cause problems with shipping

It is for sure that everybody worries about problems with shipping and for a reason. You can face different troubles when shipping goods, starting from losing documents to losing goods. If you look closely, many problems in this field happen due to human error, so you should prepare yourself and your team for this problem.…

Lot of boxes that could help you to prevent damaging goods

It is crucial to prevent damaging goods when shipping overseas. There are many ways to prevent damages, but the best way is to cooperate with a professional company like Kokusai Express Moving. (more…)

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