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Commercial warehouses

A CFS bonded warehouse plays a crucial role in the logistics of international shipping, acting as a secure storage space for goods before they clear customs. This facility allows for the consolidation and deconsolidation of shipments, offering a streamlined process for importers and exporters. Preparing your items for CFS bonded warehouses is vital. It ensures…

Cargo plane in the air

Relocating from Japan involves navigating a complex process that spans continents and cultures. Air freight forwarders play a crucial role in this journey, offering a streamlined path through the logistical challenges. Companies like Kokusai Express Moving exemplify the expertise needed to manage such moves efficiently. These specialists ensure your belongings arrive safely and promptly, leveraging…

How to ship a boat overseas?

February 13, 2024.
A sail boat on the water

Shipping a boat overseas is a complex process that requires careful planning and execution. It's not just about moving an asset from one point to another. In order to ship a boat overseas, you will have to navigate through a series of logistical, legal, and environmental hurdles. This journey can be exciting, offering boat owners…

Documents that are Japan import requirements

Before you hire the best moving company in Japan to relocate you, make sure you're prepared. Japan import requirements and documentation are very important to understand. Especially if you plan to do business in that country. If you are a foreigner, make sure you use a local representative when dealing with Japan import documentation. (more…)

A person lifting a sofa and getting ready for shipping furniture internationally

You don't really know how much you love your furniture - until it's time to start planning your move. It's only then that you realize just how precious your old grandma's hand-me-down sofa is. This is the time you figure out you can't live without your coffee table, your mirror, or your bookshelf. And that's…

A person making a budget for relocating from Japan on a budget

Relocating from Japan on a budget involves several costs, and effective budget planning is crucial. Common expenses include shipping fees, travel costs, and accommodation expenses. To manage these, setting realistic financial goals is essential. For example, choosing sea freight over air freight can significantly reduce shipping costs. Additionally, opting for shared accommodation initially may lower…

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